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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bites: Kitchen Inn @ Thornlie

This is an over due post thanks to my finals which ended a few days ago!  3 weeks ago, my sister introduced to a very unique eating place in Perth.  While ambience is not one of its strong points, the type of dishes served here are special as they are those typically found in the Eastern states of Malaysia.  Truthfully, its a rare find. Expectedly enough though, they bring favourites such as the Kampua Noodles, Glutinous Rice with meat, and other Malaysian favourites such as the Siu Mai (pork dumplings) and Bak Kut Teh (herbal pork). 


For me, I begin my meal with a single serve of the Pork Dumplings which costed $4 I think.


There are many things which I liked and disliked about the meat dumplings.  While I’ll try not to complain about its looks, seriously please, it looked dead with its skin tasting slightly dry.  But do not be put off by it saddening appearance as the well-marinated meat was something one would enjoy.  Dipping it in chilli oil did tend to make it slightly un-Malaysian considering I almost never use chilli oil when eating dim sum in Malaysia.  Nevertheless, this was decent but would be kickass if it had a little more colour.  Perhaps some carrot bits?  More importantly, minutes more in the steamer would have made a whole lot of difference too!


Glutinous Rice Dumpling (Zhong)


The glutinous rice on the other hand was hard to fault with.  From the well cooked rice, to its lovely ingredient of mushrooms and pork.  This was spot on!  To be honest, it reminded of home where we would pay less than $1 to a man who often regarded my dad as his ‘brother’ when I was young.  I’d have to say, classic Malaysian ones over the glutinous rice served in Hong Kong dim sum places.  They’re obviously two very different things but hell yeah! Malaysia FTW!


Kampua Noodles @ $6.90


After savouring all the little pleasers, my bowl of noodles finally arrived. From the first bite, I was already impressed on how the chefs have maintained their style of serving.  Unlike most places who tend to justify price with content, Kitchen Inn plays conservative by continuing a style true to its root. Cheap and loaded with carbs.  Flavour on the other hand was verified by the only mate that hails from East Malaysia.  His take on it? Good stuff.  Enough said.  The noodles in my opinion tasted good.  The sauce used gave the noodles a very tasty coating which unfortunately tended to dry quite quickly.  When it does, Kitchen Inn has a sambal (chili paste)  which was very very good! I used a spoon to finish up the remainder of the noodles which I enjoyed a lot!  To wash it all down, a hot teh tarik @ $3 and it was home run!


By the end of the meal, I was bloated.  Something like a pig crossed over with something really fat hmmm maybe an American?  Jkjk.  Nevertheless, Kitchen Inn has proved itself worthy.  Admittedly, and sadly, such food would be difficult to find even in Peninsular Malaysia where the population is probably 10 times more than that of East Malaysia.  What more when its thousands of miles away from home? I guess its true that some things taste best where they come from.  Luckily enough, original decided to move.



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