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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Bites: Casual Thai Dining @ Piyawat The Sweetery, Victoria Park.

Piyawat the Sweetery first came under my radar a couple months back while I drove through the Vic Park strip. With its bright orange sign board saying “the Sweetery” I initially thought off it as a dessert only place.  I soon found out that they did proper meals too and decided to come in for lunch on a Thursday.

Piyawat the Sweetery has the usual one dish suspects with a few interesting additions.  For lunch, I enjoyed Crispy Prawn Tom Yam.  A dish that truely has its own bragging rights with its super creamy tom yum sauce being the highlight.  It was simply awesome when paired with fluffy steamed rice.  What more can you ask for?  Crispy prawns, and fragrant tom yam! Flavour bomb, Definitely not your traditional Thai dish but super potent and delicious!

We also ordered the Pad Thai Gai which is Pad Thai with Chicken.   While it did not blow me of my socks or anything, it was definitely cooked well. Which means it is one of the more decent ones out there.  I will go back and try their stir fry flat noodles the next time! My sis said it was pretty good when she went there.

Alas, Piyawat the Sweetery is known for their famous desserts.  Whether its the Mango Sticky Rice or their Dessert Toasts, the ending is always sweet here.  

Piyawat’s Thai Milk Tea Toast was the highlight of my meal. Probably the best I have had since my first encounter with the amazing buttery bread in Taiwan. Fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside with generous amount of butter. Then you have the silky Thai milk tea which was silky smooth and fragrant without an overpowering sweetness courtesy of the tea. Lastly, the coconut ice cream was generous bits of coconuts making it absolutely brilliant! So much to like on that dessert plate.  Very well executed and not just your boring toast with “vanilla” ice cream though sometimes that might be all you are craving for.

If you are looking for something new, fun and different to eat in town the definitely to the Victoria Park to try Piyawat the Sweetery.  Also note that Piyawat the Sweetery closes at 6pm every day folks, so definitely do not plan a dinner here unless they change their timing which you can always check on Zomato!

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bites: Crazy About Dumplings @ Authentic Bites Dumpling House.

Coming home from site there was a sudden craving for dumplings, so my sister’s suggestion to go to Authentic Bites Dumpling House in Northbridge was timely.  This little shop has queues building up early even before the doors open which I found to be very Melbourne-esque where all popular dumpling houses had long queues.  But hey lets skip the queue talk and get inside.

The dining area is small but the turnover here is relatively quick.  The menu is pretty straightforward with a few of our favourite appetisers making a surprise appearance.  To start was a serve of drunken chicken and lightly pickled cucumbers

Drunken Chicken:
Both, were amazing especially the chicken which had the fragrant of the wine coating the smooth chicken flesh.  Its flavour was very mild and what was even more surprising was how the cold chicken tasted more fresh than heavy.  Then comes the tangy cucumbers marinated in a little chilli, salt, sugar and some Szechuan pepper corn.  Light numbing but superbly flavourful. It was a table favourite least to say!

The  Shanghai Dumpling we ordered were a mixture Pork and Crab.
While I would normally go for the normal pork dumplings after a mediocre experience at Shanghai Street Dumpling in Melbourne, the lure of the briny crab flavour paired with the juicy pork was hard to resist.  Fortunately, Authentic Bites did not disappoint.  The flavours were great and I really enjoyed it then.  Except for the fact that I went to Singapore and had an even more amazing Shanghai Dumpling where the skin was really thin.  No one likes thick dumpling skin!! Especially when steamed :P!

We also had some noodles! The Braised Beef Noodle soup.
The braised beef itself was no doubt on part with some of the best braised beef in town and I was over all very impressed.  What disappointed me was the broth which I felt could have been more beefy.  It was very mild so I decided to enhance its flavours with some soy and chilli oil.  Over all,  not too bad but nothing to rave about!

We also had the famous the pot stickers filled with a morrish mix of spicy kimchee and juicy pork.  Unfortunately I did a terrible job of getting a picture so there will be none.  The dumplings themselves were very similar to the ones you’d get elsewhere but with a special crispy finish to bottom.  It was really yums.  I mean who would complain when they get more crispy bits right?  Authentic Bites Dumpling House serves some serious dumplings but even better appetisers.   Their noodles? Hmmm those were ok but I would not come back for them.  Dumplings?  Definitely.  Dad though has his preference set for the more dainty Cantonese style dumplings served at yamaha.  So this is not on his list!


Authentic Bites Dumpling House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Friday, September 9, 2016

Bites: Gorgeous Pastas @ Mason & Bird, Kalamunda.

Mason & Bird, Kalamunda opened its doors to the public a month or two ago and word has been going around that the venue is nothing less than impressive.  I was super keen to try it out and it was safe to say that Mason & Bird did not disappoint.  The large group of us ordered pretty much the whole menu and I got to visually feast on everything (only because the table was too long and my short limbs could not stretch that far!)

To get the morning started were a round of hot drinks:

I am the biggest fan of Matcha Latte ever since I was in Seoul many years back.  That first taste of this milky-sweet-grassy drink has kept me coming back.  Unfortunately this was my biggest dislike at Mason & Bird.  The matcha just did not hit my palate with the grassy-sweet scent I was expecting.  If anything it was a little sedentary and gritty.  The milk also felt too thin and not creamy at all. Hmmm…?

Pan Roasted Gnocchi

Fortunately, the dry spell ended with the drinks.  This gnocchi dish was simply perfect.  Fluffy, light, delicate pillows of pasta were cooked sensationally.  The crust on from the pan frying worked wonders and the gnocchi was just so tasty on its own.  The cauliflower, cheese and almonds were such a treat.  I’m surprised that this whole dish was vegetarian really!  

Braised lamb Pappardelle

My order of braised lamb Pappardelle was the right dish for this gloomy-with-a-chance-of-rain kind of weather.  After all, that is what a heart braise is for no?  The lamb here was super tender and required 0 effort to bite into. Mushrooms were super plum after having soak up all the juices of the braise.  While I really enjoyed the whole dish, both my friend and I felt like they could have rolled the Pappardelle another layer thinner.  Despite saying that, perhaps the chef just liked his pasta sheets to carry an extra bite!

The hidden crowd pleaser:

Hand cut, kitchen chippies right from the kitchen.  I love them so much.  One can immediately tell the difference between chips right out of the bag and one that is made in-house.  You get so much more potato flavours from the ones made in-house at Mason & Bird.  The down side for some though is that the chips when made at home are rarely crispy across the tuber.  But its the joy of having crispy edges that makes the moment worth while.  Enjoyable!

We had many more dishes hit the table that day but I did not get to try everything.  I believe most of us were pretty damn satisfied with the food at Mason & Bird.  The main stars were none other than their pastas! (Their home-cooked chips get a special mention too!)  Do note that the pasta sizes are a little small or just right.  So if you are a big eater, definitely get the side of chips.  Lastly, the bit which I felt most let down by were the Matcha Latte and Apple Pie Shake.  It was really cool sounding on paper but in the mouth just OK.

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Monday, December 28, 2015

London: Literally Burger and Lobster @ Burger & Lobster, Soho

Have you ever wandered into a restaurant only to be confused by a menu that goes on for ages?  So have I.  That is until I started blogging.  But one genius has came up with a restaurant that serves 3 dishes and only 3 dishes with no options for sides whatsoever.  It is so simple that they do not even have a menu.  This is the famous Burger & Lobster and its £20 menu.  If its name does not give it away, the restaurant literally serves burger and lobsters.   Coming in for lunch at 2pm on Saturday, I was thankful to have waited for a short 15 minutes before being seated.  I have heard other people who have waited for over 2 hours!   

Diners at Burger & Lobster have a choice between the beef burger, the poached/grilled lobster and the lobster roll.  Jacques and I decided to share a serve of poached lobster and the beef burger.

The kind chefs in the kitchen help split them in half for us so there was no need for any cutting whatsoever.

The burger half:
We asked the burger to come medium rare to get the best of the juicy patty.  The burger came brilliantly red in the middle so it was no surprise that the first bite was intensely juicy.  Simply seasoned with salt and pepper, it was delicious!  Jacques on the other hand thought it was a little too red.  I can see his concerns as certain parts looked really red haha.

The lobster half:

To get the best of the lobster, we opted for the poached one.  Having it poached means you get a flesh that amplifies the naturally sweet-briny flavours of the crustacean.   Not to mention, the flesh stays extremely juicy if poached for the right amount of time.  Then comes the best part, the meaty claw!  Biting into its meaty flesh was every bit satisfying!  Almost like biting into a giant drumstick!  Dip it in the accompanying parsley butter for an extra kick of flavour!  

Burger & Lobster served me an enjoyable meal that day.  If the queue is not too overbearing,  I would definitely come back for another meal.  Thinking back, if I came back feeling really hungry, I might even consider ordering one lobster and burger for myself!  They were both amazingly tasty dishes.  In saying that, I admit that the lobster alone would might really small.  In fact, the body of the lobster was rather small, but remember so was my £20 pound note!  Thankfully their perfectly fried fries and salad made help complete the meal.

Visit 2:

Burgers & Lobster was an enjoyable meal for me back when I was in London. However, there was a lingering feeling of incompleteness as I have not been able to try their Lobster Roll which is the final item on the menu.  Fortunately I revisited the London and brought a couple of friends to try out Burger & Lobster. 

Lobster Roll 

Filled to the brim with sweet lobster flesh and served between a brioche bun brings heaven a little closer to earth.  It was essentially eating a lobster without the fuss of peeling the shells.  But is it the exact same? Well this is a definite no.  Nothing quite beats the flesh of the plump juicy lobster flesh you get from a freshly prepared lobster.  The Lobster roll was a convenient thing but for the best flavour, I would definitely call the Lobster which I did too :)!

Burger & Lobster Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Sunday, October 18, 2015

London: Reminiscing NYC @ Shake Shack, Convent Garden.

One of the most random eats I did in London was at Shake Shack in Convent Garden.  It simply happened when I walked past by the market for the second time.  Seeing a Shake Shack and nothing eating there is almost like sinning!  So despite being  stuffed from the breakfast I had before, I decided to order the single Shack burger and a Salted Caramel Shake (they ran out of peanut butter !@#%).
First bite in and I was over the moon.  The yummy patty sandwiched between a shiny-sweet bun with a drizzling of secret "Shack Sauce"  was still as amazing as I remembered it to be.  Shake Shack's patty was simply scrumptious and this was a very basic combination that did wonders when it came to flavours.  Every bite was reminiscence of my trip to NYC last year.  It was sensational.  So much better than the gargantuan Shack Stack which I had last year. It is amazing how the folks at Shake Shack can mass produce something that tastes so good!  No meal at Shake Shack is complete without their Milk Shakes.  So if you are ever deciding between skipping the cola for an ice cream or vice versa, I tell you now to put both aside.  The milkshake at Shake Shack is the best of both worlds.  Thick, creamy and rich in caramel, it was slightly sweet but every bit yummy.  Good old fat ass moments I have to say.

For some reason, I was not so impressed when I first had Shake Shack at the Grand Central shop.  But a re-visit to its original location in Madison Square convinced me of Shake Shacks cult status.   Re-visiting Shake Shack in Convent Garden and I was convinced for the second time, that this is a truly delicious burger.  Definitely come here for a treat!

Shake Shack Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Monday, July 27, 2015

Bites: A quick lunch bite @ Jun, Perth City.

Whether its a cheap lunch alternative or  an authentic dinner bento, Jun is a venue not to be missed.  Its large clientele of Japanese during lunch hours especially is clear indication that this basement diner is doing something right. 

This lunch we ordered several of their punch specials which includes the usual suspects Chicken Karaage, Chicken Katsu and another Chicken dish called the Tatsuta-age.  These chicken dishes are comparable to your suburban Japanese takeaway but in massive proportions.
The Chicken Tatsuta-Age

The Chicken Kara-age

Confused about between a Kara-age and Tatsuta-age? They are both fried chicken right? So I thought! But no worries Google the source of know-it-all tells me that,  the Kara-age does not necessarily need to be marinaded but the Tatsuta-age always is!  More importantly, Tatsuta-age uses a tapioca starch instead of the wheat flour used by Kara-age.  This results in a more crunchy slightly chewy fried batter that is very similar to that of the Taiwanese XXL Fried Chicken.  Hope that helps!


The Chicken Katsu

Most people prefer would rather pay an extra $3 premium for Jun than dine at Taka during lunch, and there are legit reasons for that.  This includes Jun spending more time and love in the preparation of their food,  and top class Kara-age.  If you come in at night, expect to be treated to some tender braised soy pork belly and amazing skewered meats.  During lunch that day, the only thing that did not really deliver was the Chicken Katsu and the rice as it was a little wetter than I would have liked it to be! The Chicken Katsu on the other hand had a batter that way too thick!  It felt way over the top.  But for those who had the Kara-age or the Tatsuta-age, it was all good :)!  Note, come early and sit first!  Late comers wait longer and it reduces the pleasure of dining at Jun.

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Bites: A Meal at the Vineyard @ Lamont's , Swan Valley

After a hectic week involving a car service, catching up with the ex-colleagues, my mentor and just getting through the chores around the house, I was in Swan Valley for a day trip.  More importantly, I discovered a whole new place of happiness in the Valley.  It is the famous Lamont’s Vineyard.  While the whole menu looked all very decadent, I was a little cautious after my last attempt to fine dine at Lamont’s Bishop went pear-shaped leaving a huge hole in my pocket.  Needless to say, a few queries at the counter to ask about the waiter's favourite dishes as well as her other recommendations soon had me decide on the dishes I was going to order.

The first to arrive was the crispy pork belly, cauliflower puree, and caramelised onions.
The puree was silky smooth and the pork was the crispiest.  Salad at the top was refreshing, and the onions were caramelised till sticky-sweet.  While most techniques were aced without question, it was the simplest detail that was left out.  Salt.  Spices.  I felt that the pork could do with more salt-marinade as it was a little bit bland and did not standout from the lot.  Still, it was a decent eat.

Deep fried prawns, grated coconut, and avocado soba was the next dish.  Splendid.  This was my dish of the day without question.  Prawn so amazing you thought you were at the seaside and soba so well modernised it felt just right.  Drizzling the lemon over the soba, you are left with a silky smooth soba with a creamy avocado coating.  This normally gets a little cloying but when you have the diced bits of onions and coriander playing with your senses where it was a little bit pungent, a little bit herbed and it all felt very interesting especially towards the end with a citrusy note from the lime juice.  I truly enjoyed it.  Despite being deep fried and having bits of creamy avocado, I did not feel overwhelmed at any one point!

Steak, croquette, caramelised root vegetables and salad, with a side of chips with truffle oil.  While it was hard to fault with the steak dish, it more -standard than special.  Still, there was nothing wrong.  The steak was well-cooked, croquettes crisp with a fluffy inside and over all just very nice.  But when you have a side of chips cooked so bloody amazing, you soon disregard everything else.  The chips at Lamont’s Vineyard soon became a highlight.  Yobi who was with me commented that why do most places do chips so bad.  This is amazing he says!  True enough, I was thoroughly impressed by the humble potato.  If you ever come to Lamont’s Vineyard, this is definitely worth ordering.  Even if you are here just for the drinks!

To end was a caramel tart that came highly recommended by the waitress. On the first bite, you might feel like you have had enough because it was so very rich but there always seemed to be a taste that had me come back.  The gooey texture topped with some crunchy nuts with its crumbly base made the tart a very yummy.  In the end, it was never quite enough to share for three. 

But having called too many dishes to share earlier means I was left to bring the macaron’s back home.  These were made by the famous Jean Pierre Sancho Patisserie.  Crunchy top with a chewy centre, there was nothing much too praise for a person who is not a fan of sugar.  Admittedly though, the macarons were very visually impressive.

Comparing the Vineyard to the fine dining establishment at Lamont’s Bishop, I really adored the former more.  Lamont’s Vineyard on a Saturday afternoon is a lovely place.  It was just so relaxed.   Food is simple, honest and not overly complicated.  The environment was relaxed and it all felt very comfortable.  Being with my old buddy and his girlfriend also meant that it was time spent well.  A lovely end to a long week I have to say :)!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bites: Bento Feast @ JBento, Victoria Park

Its my 4th time back in Perth only to be greeted by gloomy clouds and torrential rain.  Nevertheless, this was a good opportunity for me to be at home and get updated on the eateries in town which I have yet to dine at.  Naturally, the eateries within the vicinity of my area was my first search which landed me at part-time/pop-up eatery called Jbento. Operating 5 days a week, Monday to Friday from 11.30-2.30pm, Jbento serves Japanese/Korean inspired lunch boxes. Scanning the menu from top to toe, Jbento offers a whole array of Japanese delights like the all time favourites the Kaarage, Teriyaki, and Tempura with some even more premium traditional Japanese food like the simply grilled mackerel and miso butter steak.  If you are a big fan of the Korean culture, be delighted to see the likes Bulgogi and its spicy pork rendition the Jaeyuk Bokkum on the menu.
For the penny-wise, JBento happily takes the pinch off the pocket by catering free tea, so rock up the counter, pay for your food and start mixing your very own drink of macha.  Have it strong or subtle, I was happy that it was a premium free unlike Taka’s infamous brown tea which was back then, a varsity staple.

After ordering, the food does not take long to come and we got ours after about 5-10 minutes.  Initial impressions were positive.  I found that the dishes might sound very typical or simple if you would like, but came out with enough swag to impress.  It felt complete.  A serve of meat, three simple salads; one green, a marinate seaweed and a potato salad with two mounds of rice shaped and topped with rice seasoning.  Packed in a neat bento box, it was a beauty.
YH’s choice, the Spicy Pork Bulgogi or Jaeyuk Bokkum ($10.90) was first out.  Thin slices of pork coated in a sticky sauce that is sweet, spicy and salty had Korea written all over it with a personal touch of the chefs at JBento.  Least to say, I was happy.  The Bento Boxes at JBento also has three little salads on the side to cool the heat down while keeping the meal balanced. These together with the customary Bento shaped rice made this very nicely composed meal.
My choice of meal at JBento was the Miso Butter Steak Bento Box ($14.90).  While more pricey that its Teriyaki and Kaarage counterpart, the Miso Butter was a good enough reason for this order.
Expect tender pieces of chunky steak cooked to medium and topped by a knob of tantalising Miso butter.  Just watching it melt over the steak was sensational.  The whiff of butter through the dish made the end felt a little oily but the taste of Miso Butter was so rich and yummy.  I really enjoyed this.

Ever since Fuji closed in Victoria Park 4 years ago, I spend much time looking up and down the Albany Highway strip for a good Japanese only to drive away empty handed or go home disappointed.  I daresay that the quality Jbento bring to the table is superb despite only eating here once.  Do not get me wrong, nothing here reinvents the old but a touch of class in its presentation while acing the basic fundamentals make this a great quick bite.  In addition to that, the Bento Boxes are well priced and moderate in size but high in satisfaction.  Definitely a place that will join my list of places for a quick bite within the precinct.  Great stuff!

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bites: The Cutting Board Eat House

“Kitchen! More chips please!” shouted the man serving us. At 12 o’clock, its crowd was busier than ever.  A new eatery has sprung up in the quieter end of Northbridge near my former workplace.  From the outside it just looks sensational.  Its monotone interior of black and white is very modern and inviting.  More importantly, the prices are quite affordable for the gourmet salads and roasts that looked rather healthy. For between $12-14 you could get a meat of the bain-marie with 2 sides which includes a variety of salad and chips!



But can the food sitting under the scorching food lamp maintain delicious as the restaurant serves crowds of different times?  That was what my ex-colleagues and I were about to find out.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe chicken schnitzel ($12.50) topped with gravy came with a side of chips and steamed vegetables.  For me the chicken was just yummy.  It was still crunchy and its batter was more than just flour.  It had various herbs which made it a tantalizing bite.  The chips were pedestrian and for most parts could do with an extra pinch of salt.  As for the steamed vegetables, the cauliflower florets and carrots were cooked spot on but the broccoli flowers were very mushy.  To the extent that my friends felt that it was squirting out buttery fluid.


We also had another one called the Peri Peri Nice Chicken.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe chicken here was a little below par compared to the schnitzel.  I suspect that the chicken was a little over-roasted and having it sit under the heat lamp for so long only meant that it was still cooking while waiting to be eaten. The sides we choice were similar to the one we had with the schnitzel.


The pulled beef with chips and Greek salad.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis one had decent consistency, not melt in your mouth but still soft and tender.  But for me, one of the beauties of pull pork is how the meat absorbs all the lovely juices and marinade that it is cooked in.  This one here could do definitely with more flavor.


Looking at the food on the bain-marie.  It was all a little bit of a hit and a miss.  I loved the schnitzel but desired less of the Peri-Peri Chicken.  As for the pulled beef, that would probably fit better on the $9.50 roll option done with philly cheese, salt n’ pepper.  We also ordered a crispy pork belly which was actually pretty damn good.  But then, why would I eat here again if it is like any other take away?  That is because it is not like any other take-away.   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs my friends and I were dissatisfied with the options on the bain-marie, we decided to call something else to share.  This time around, we ordered a $17 open-steak sandwich from the kitchen.  Here it was simple.  You get a delicious and hearty slab of scotch fillet cooked to medium with crispy bacon.  Definitely one of the crispiest in town.  Caramelised onions and barbecue sauce finished the sandwich with a bang.  Chips came out warmer as the lunch crowd had dispersed and we were one the last groups left.   From this humble sandwich, we all agreed that things are better when made fresh from the kitchen, not things cooked prior and left out to dry.  With a range of burgers and food cooked fresh to order like the steak sandwich, chicken parmi and salmon, the premium paid over the typical lunch fare is definitely worth the extra buck!


For this reason alone, if you work in Northbridge but find crossing over to the city too much of a hassle, drop by The Cutting Board Eat House to try their food!  But beware, Jus Burgers is just around the corner.  I have not found many burgers that can beat Jus Burgers. 



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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bites: Café Latay @ Northbridge

“Nothing is from the bottle! Sauces, curries, marinades are all homemade!” exclaimed the lady boss who operates Café Latay.   I have been coming down here often and she often looks at us little graduates with care but mainly concern on whether our meager salary can afford the $10-20 dollar lunch she serves.  Working at Hatch for 1 year now, I have often do quick takeaway Café where I enjoy tuna croquettes, curries and their salads which I would not call cheap in anyway but in terms of quality, it was there.  In fact, takeaways usually start at $5-9 dollars which is decent.  Or one could get a mass produced unhealthy meal at Maccas?  Or that ever so boring roast chicken from Coles.


Knowing my background as an amateur foodie, she asked me to come down and sample some of her dine-in options.  Packing with me a crew of 4 guests, we happily headed down for a free meal last week. I have to say we were beaming with joy.  Who would not for a free lunch?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMC’s lunch for today was the satay with rice, sauce and a cucumber salad.   If you like your satay flavorsome matched with a slightly spicy yet extremely rich peanut sauce, this is kick ass.  Deceiving satay felt hard to dismember using utensils but fell off the skewer effortlessly when bitten of the stick.  It’s the way we roll back home in Malaysia!  Served with rice though, felt unusual as we were more used to the traditional “ketupat” but that was a difficult thing to serve as the Australians do no quiet understand it. YET.  For me this dish was quite on the mark in terms of the flavors that I was looking for but putting health aside, I would have like a slightly unhealthy cut of meat.  A little skin on the flesh just the way it is done back home.  But this all in all was nice although MC found the rice a little dry or undercooked!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASteph decided to go for steak as she has a slight gluten intolerance.  To her joy, the steak was cook spot on which she found was really amazing for the $20! She commented on how most steaks in that price range always turn out overcooked but this was purrrrfect! But due to my poor ordering skills, she ended up with a mushroom sauce and not a sundried tomato sauce which she wanted.  Nevertheless, she enjoyed the sauce which I have to insist felt really delectable!   It was a mixture of saltiness and sweet with a hint of sourness.  Over all,  a good lunch which she enjoyed!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACafé Latay changes their curry on day to day basis.  For that day, Ness had the Lamb Rogan Josh with rice, papadams and a side of raita.  Ness started enthusiastically only to find herself  struggling to finish the lamb (the serving was huge).   Sampling her curry, I found the flavors of the Rogan Josh very authentically composed.  However, as a matter of personal preference, I would have liked a higher amount of acidity from the tomatoes in a way that it is really rich.  For the meat, I typically choose lamb chops and take away all the excess fat and sinewy bits.  I like a cut of lamb that balances  well between its leanness and fattiness, all when cooked together becomes rich and full of beautiful flavors. 


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAndrew who has sandwich every day could not depart with his routine.  His sandwich journey continued with Café Latay’s steak sandwich.  Amazingly enough, it looked like a really big sandwich and Andrew was happy that everything was put to order.  More importantly, it came out warm with the steak still tender.   In fact, he found that the one served here beat the steak sandwich he had at the Village Bar @ Subiaco which was was voted the best steak sandwich in WA.  No bad at all!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor my lunch, I was craving for something a little more unhealthy.   I had the Chicken Parmagiana with a side of chips and salad.  Biting into the chicken, it was delicious.  Fried to golden crisp especially on the sides, the rich sauce and cheese was a pleaser.  In fact, this was the kind of richness I was looking for in the Rogan Josh.  Just that little added acidity made wonders.  While the chicken was superb, and the chips OK, I struggled with the salad.  I think it needed a little reviving and temperature to them.  Fridge temperature is normally my preference when served with a deep fried goodies.  To add moisture, a good swirl of olive oil does the trick before being tossed with sauce :)!


When we were done, I believe no one felt hunger anymore.  For approximately $16 each, Café Latay had us filled.  We might not be the biggest eater but it was great value which the lady boss need not justify.  It was clear that Café Latay caters not only honest, homemade and quality food, but equally healthy ones too! A little imperfections here and there but there was no compromising on quality which I thought was acceptable.    Of all the food we had, I have to say that some dishes really set itself apart from the rest.  One that I liked particularly a lot was the satay although the rice needs changing.  Its flavors were spot on.  Other than that, the curry was also served in a manner that felt really complete with the side of raita and papadam but maybe a little fixing in the sauce to my liking.  If you asked me whether I would return for my occasional lunch spend? Definitely so.


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