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Monday, December 20, 2010

Cari Makan: Plan B @ Bangsar Village.

Meeting up with friends during the weekends is an enjoyable routine back home in KL.  The good friends from high school make crapping sessions over a cheap drink impeccably perfect.  All meet ups are too common and almost routine until I realise, “WTF*ck?  Where is my homie #!”  But these concerns over the past week were diminished as we managed to rescue Justin from the depths of his hideous routine.  I’m not exaggerating this.  The level of secrecy of his activities and rejection from him is literally painful.  But no worries, we got him out to spend the noon with us today xD!  The lunch was at Plan B @ Bangsar Village after attending a session with Z at Zhan Sheng’s church.

IMG_7742‘Plan B's interior was modern with industrial fittings cluttered on to the ceilings.  Walls were finished racked with high school-days science lab solution bottles.  Remember those rusty brown semi-transparent bottles?  The crew of waiter and waitress were pretty stylish, ditching the collared tee-apron cliché for a tee + vest combination.  Not unusual as I have seen plenty of these but I still fall for it every single time.

THE Plan B.  At the end of this meal, I was actually glad that the people who started Delicious, actually did Plan B..  because they needed it. Badly.  Delicious literally sucked.  Much thanks to Yobi who introduced Plan B to me :)!!

Some thirst quenchers.
Clock wise from left to right: My Root Beer Float @  5 bucks,  Fat ass Yobi’s half drunk Chocolate Milkshake, Zi Yan’s Oreo Milkshake and Zhan Sheng's Ice Chocolate.  The drinks were pretty dope with the exception of the Iced Chocolate haha.

Oh, and DINERS. PUKE ALERT. BEWARE.  The glass used to serve sky juice is laced with saliva.  With a sample size of 6 cups, you have a 1in 2 chance of having such a  cup.  Smell before you drink.  Wipe before you make contact.  Absolute POTONG-STIM of the day.  Saliva laced cups. @.@!! <—Herpes

And for the mains, we helped ourselves to:
Josephine and I ordered the Asian Style Soft Shell Crab with Pasta @ Rm19 each serve.  Liked the way the sauce was a close imitation of  Wong Poh’s famous buttermilk crabs, minus the sweetness.  Had a good aroma, creamy sensation and pretty salty.  But that is ok for me.  Food without enough salt is like having no food at all. You get my drift right?  The feeling of having eaten but not satisfied? This dish used lots of curry leaves giving it a delicious aroma unlike the frozen ones back in Australia. And despite the small bits of cut chilli and sprinkles of chilli flakes, the pasta was not spicy at all.

Yobi went heavy on meat and decided to go for the double cheeseburger @ Rm21.
Thick slab of burger patty made from premium mince I’m assuming.  He said you cannot compare this to Alfred’s but I can see his face.  I easily read off his face that the burgers from down under still rule. HAhahahahaha.  I liked the shoestring chips though.  Like Meccas minus the proven rule of Mecca’s chips immortality.

Justin’s Carbonara  @ RM15.
Described as light and creamy without the feeling that you’ve had enough even before finishing half of the pasta, I think Justin liked it.  I had a taste of it, and true enough, it tasted good.  But I have tasted better ones at Tiamo Nedlands where all the ingredients a chopped so finely it sticks so very nicely on each strand of pasta making it an instant pleasure to the taste buds.  I can make it too HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Zi Yan’s meatball pasta.
Comments?  None.  It was quietly eaten from the corner of the table. Hahaha.

Zhan Sheng’s Sandwich.  He got rejected twice while ordering, and settled for this.  Looks pretty damn awesome. And I liked the way the chips appeared, but not so much for the taste unfortunately.  The sandwich looked humungous and I think it was super filling too!
Plan B reviewers also raved about the variety of cakes offered at the counter.  So we decided to try some of it despite having overeaten already.   The best pastries for me were the Orange Peel & Poppy Seed Muffin while the  Red Velvet cake was a good change from the typical carrot cake.  The Red Velvet had red berry sponge? with thin chocolate layers finished with a coating of cream cheese!  Delightful!

By the end of the meal, I was 33 bucks poorer but heaps happier.  While we still meet up quite often, a missing member makes it incomplete.  Disregard the laughter, disregard the joy, a missing one is a missing 1.  Oh, and this was actually meant to be my overdue “birthday” lunch ahaha.  Enjoyed it pretty damn much!!

If the quality and standard is maintained, this is definitely a place to revisit in the future.  Fairly priced, I think Malaysians would not mind coming to these up market places for some gastronomy pleasures.  Will definitely try the much hyped Gruyere Muffin the next time around.  Oh and please do not forget about the cups.  You partner would definitely want to know where you got your Herpes from.  Jkjk.

Till then. ;-)