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Friday, November 27, 2009

Bites: Jus Burger @ Leederville

IMG_4805 Gawddddd today was so stupid! Went to my office but took the wrong bus back oh man @.@!  Ended up going so deep into Claremont and Subiaco suburb that I was able to see horses.  But the very friendly bus driver and I had a chat about life in Australia. Him being from England and stuff.  Great chat!  Yesterday I had one of those “bros” outing with Yobi!  We had lunch and shit before walking about in Leederville.  For something a little different, we decided to eat something without rice or noodle.  So yea, why not have burgers! Yummy burgers ^^.




It was about noon and we were ready to depart! Did not really know which train platform we were supposed to go to, but oh well! I used my memory and somehow we managed to get on the right platform lulz!  The waitress  there changed from punk-emo to pretty-retro. YUMS! ok jk.  But one thing I’m not joking is that there is this Chinese guy working there, he cannot stop picking on the food omg! I was most WTF when he wanted to eat one onion ring but he did not want the aioli sauce so he took one sauce plate, poured tomato sauce and had that piece of onion ring =.=”.



My original lamb burger @ 11 bucks! Not the prettiest thing but it was yums! The chutney-mint sauce combo was not as bad as mint sauce normally is for me!  This burger is totally awesome.  I  came here last week and had cheese burger with blue cheese and mushrooms! Gawddddd! So delish!!  Yobi had the beef hamburger.  Full on meat patty but he said it was not salty enough ahah.



rawks!! Can you see Yobi’s watch? It’s a Casio Databank Calculator watch man! Wonder who bought that for him! WAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA.  The burger were large in my opinion. I went from zero to full tank and yet I could not finish my burger.  Then the waitress was like “Hey, even I can eat one entire burger myself”. And some other stuff. And when we left she said something like “hey! Make sure you come here for your burgers again.., And finsh it”. With that Yobi concluded that she was hitting on me @.@! Lameeeeeeee!



This was my errr… Onion rings mmm but the Chinese guy did not sprinkle salt on top or maybe there isn’t meant to be any on top! No idea @@! But the last time I had it, there was salt.  I really like the onion ring here! Yummmmmm!!


Jus burger was my first stop for my burger tour! I’m happy with the burger there.  I think most people are so happy that within a year, a second branch has open @ Subiaco.  Just a stone’s throw from the train station!  But even then I'm still ready to go on my burger tour! What’s left hmmmmmm! Ahh Alfred’s Kitchen and Flipside!  


Haihhhhhhhhh! The week will start to get really busy!  Cheryl’s last week of work but it is the start for me! Working in the city meeting working people! So anxious yet so excited!  But the bus to and back from work is horrible! It’s like ackkk! Everyone looks like their brains got sucked or something.. noooooooooooooooooo! We’ll see what happens soon!



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