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Friday, March 29, 2013

Bites: Gusto Foods @ South Perth

It is fresh, it is exciting and this is a breakfast place where the queue did not outlast my patience.  While I am not one to chase the café cultures of Perth, time and time over my blog stalks and other Instagramers  put up something that gets me excited.  This time around ChompChomp of Perth had me locked onto this little café just a short drive from my place.  Perth breakfast food is not the cheapest but the creativity on a plate makes it worth the money.  Coming in at 10.30am, the waiter politely served us and put our names down for the next table for 6.  After just 10 minutes, a table was cleared and we were invited in.
Isolation.  A place where the chef puts his thoughts on a plate.

Folks around the table called hot drinks but for me, a delicious orange juice was perfect!  
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Sister’s cappuccino @ $4.50.  The gloss on the froth looked superb!

While we each had our own breakfast, we called a crumpets @ $13.50 to share.     
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What was served to us really deviated from the classic butter and syrup. Instead these little beauties came with a berry and pear compote, yoghurt and  peanut crumbs which was a nice touch.  Crumpets were nice although I have to say they were rather thin to finish the accompanying condiments!  I enjoyed the various textures from all the sides and the flavors were good.  Special mention to the creamy yoghurt and sweet peanut crumb complemented by the slight tartness of the berry compote!


Darling had the smoked salmon with guacamole, potato cakes and hollandaise for $19.50.  It was super massive and darling enjoyed her breakfast!  I had a try and it was pretty damn nice.  Eggs were spot on, hollandaise perfect and most importantly, the smoked salmon had just the right amount of salt!  The little darling thought that the guacamole felt rather redundant but my sister and I happily had it :)!

Fishman decided to skip the cliché brunch meals of eggs and called the sirloin steak burger instead.  Inside he says was filled with thinly sliced beef which were really tender.  However, mid way though he felt that it started become a little too sickening for breakfast food.  The flavors though really good were still unable to beat the gigantic burger.  I guess the gherkins did not offer much consolation either.  Over all, I would still say it turned out pretty yums!  He reckons perhaps some grilled tomatoes to cut through the meat would work wonders!

For me, I was sold when I saw pulled pork on the menu. Who in the right mind does not love tender, moist and with some fatty parts in the meat, a melt in your mouth treat?
My pulled pork with poached eggs, hollandaise and onion relish cost me $19 I think +/- $0.50 haha.  It worked a treat and I really loved the pork.  In terms of flavor, I recently had another at Harvest Espresso @ Victoria Park which  I am really partial to, but in this instance, I’d have to say that Gusto came tops.  It was just flavored really nicely.  With runny yolk, some tangy relish with subtle tang from the hollandaise bringing everything together.  I enjoyed this :)!  Bread used was normal and I could not comment much.  Spinach on the other hand was nice + healthy haha.  How else do I describe them?  Sis on the other hand called something similar but came without eggs and hollandaise.  It had a side of chips!  It was nice and she enjoyed the crusty bread but for me haha, I really thought mine is better xD!

Last was a special dish which I recommended to my housemate Yv.  It was a serve of cinnamon toast and caramelized banana topped with bacon, honey comb and berry compote for $15.50.


Yv was shocked to see its towering appearance but braved her first bite.  She had a moment of silence which concerned me a little.  But fortunately she thought that it was OK.  Her only concern was the intense  sweetness from the compote.  She liked how the saltiness from the bacon gave it that extra edge but still, the sweetness from the compote was a little deafening.  In fact, I shared half of this with her and agreed that it was a little too sweet.  But I really liked the whole concept of mixing sweet and salty along with some spice.  Texture wise, this was really good too.  A burst of juiciness from the berries, mushy bananas, crunchy honeycomb!  It was great thinking IMHO.  Next time if I ordered this, the compote would come in a little jar like the crumpets.  That would be perfect.  I guess everyone has a difference tolerance so it would be great to let us decide although original amounts decided by the chef should be best.

It was a great start to the day which I finished with a run at South Perth.   Over all, Gusto Food is a great find.   The breakfast did not have to revolve about boring ham, eggs, hash browns and sausages.  There was a lot more on there which I would not make for myself! 

It was enjoyable although the inner pigs in us made us bite more than we can chew.  If the six of us goes there again, we agreed that we were better of sharing just 4 + a crumpet.  Brunch was a massive overkill.  I enjoyed all that they provided and definitely want to relive that experience.  My customary brunch haunts have slowly start to die as I have found waits and inconsistent performances plaguing favorites like John Street, Toast, and Sayers.  In fact a favourite called Crumpets in Victoria Park had switched owners :(!  Gusto Food till we meet again!

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