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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bites: Missy Moos Burgers @ Fremantle

Coming back to Perth after holidays, I knew that my care free life would have been put to rest.  Eating like a glutton, bunking in bed from 12 till 12.  You should know what I mean.  Fortunately my parents were here for two weeks.  Being parents, they did what they could to make life better.  Nonetheless, it did not stop me from getting less than 10 hours of sleep from the first three days.  I had to clean my car, clean all my linen, sweep and mop the floor and others. Moving from one house to my new place wasn’t easy either.  3 petrol tanks in 2 weeks shuttling from one house to another to move things.  Have to thank the little darling and fishman too! They helped much as they were only three of us moving everything.  Waking up 5am and sleeping at 12am was almost routine for the past week.  But I definitely could not miss spending the the last day of my parent’s holidays.  After we settled in, my sister brought them over and I drove them for lunch at Freo. As mom was dead bored of having Chinese everyday, I decided to bring them to try a burger place called Miss Moos which fares well among lovers of this sinful meaty affair. 



My sister and dad! My sister looked half-assed the entire day because she was suffering from symptoms of a coffee drawback lol!?


Missy Moos don’t do UFO buzzer when it comes to picking your order, instead they have colourful figurines.


Missy Moos!


Before the food came, I snapped shots of the wall which was cheerfully decorated with colour works of children who patronise the burger bar.  How so? Well, when a child comes to Missy Moos, they are given a drawing and a set of colour pencils.  They are allowed to colour it in anyway they like and bam! The drawings are stuck onto the wall when they have been coloured :)!



To quench our thirst on that 40 degree day, we had the world most well-known brand to accompany us at the table  too ;) After waiting for awhile, the efficient Missy Moos crew had our burgers rolling out :P

DSC_0280I had the burger (shown in pic) which had aioli, baby spinach, crispy bacons and a really tasty patty!  I have to say, the best part of the burger was the blue cheese and fresh spinach.  It really worked for me.  My sister had the Jack & Jill which was pretty much the same as mine except that it came with Cheddar Cheese instead of blue cheese, and an extra avocado mash!  I think hers was good too? ahha! But she does not like bread so I guess burger won’t make the cut for her.  She had half left at the end of the meal.  Yh gladly finished it for lunch a few days later!


DSC_0277 Parents had the chicken burger hohoho! It was OK, but the hand cut chips was really good. Crispy and tasty :)! Yums for sure!  Aioli made the combination perfect from start to end.


I think I will cut the post here.  At the end of the meal, I was satisfied and was craving for a second time.  Its true, the burgers here are easily one of the best.    It is definitely better than FAB at Subiaco, but easily on par with Jus Burger and Alfred’s @ Guildford ahah.   Can’t wait for my second time haha!  Oh and really, much credit for the fresh baby spinach which was juicy and sweet.  The meatiness was not overly, a good ratio of bun-meat-vegetable.



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