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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reservations for Two: Blue Waters @ Cottesloe

Little darling came back just in time for our little celebration, Valentines.  Yobi calls it the rip-off celebration of the century but hey?! Everybody wants a reason to celebrate do they not?  Hehe, what more when it is your first :)! After fetching her from the airport, we went home to grab some rest before going to my sister’s place for lunch with my parents.

At night, we dressed up and drove to the beach for our Valentines dinner!  Blue Waters is located along the Cottesloe beach with pretty good views of the ocean if you are seated along the front.  To catch the beautiful sunset , dinner was booked for two people at 6pm! Led by Chef Steven Black, former head chef of many Michelin Star-ed restaurants, his food was pretty damn good.  Saw a few rave reviews written about this place before deciding to come here.   I was pleasantly surprised by the end of the meal, not the cheapest but we were delighted by the quality and service. Other bloggers highlighted Blue Waters for its array of fresh seafood.  The food we ordered that night are shown below:


Sourdough with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar dip was our first appetizer.  I like bread, but she did not haha.  I find this simple combination our bread and oil based dip to be amazingly tasty despite it very unappealing appearance.  Had many times before and I still enjoy it.  However, the skin of the bread was a bit charred so I only scrapped the soft part to eat X_X! Food wastage!!



Another appetizer for the night was the Seared Scallops with Mint and Sugar Peas Risotto.  This one was a stunner. We both enjoyed it thoroughly.  Surprising really, as I have never liked peas especially frozen ones as they give me indigestion.  Fortunately, my tummy felt superb after the meal!  Not to mention, the idea of having mint in something porridge-y would be disgusting but it actually turned out to have a very delicious and fresh fragrant.  This instantly takes away the sickening feeling after a few spoons of the dish.  The scallops were yummy-licious too! Fresh and not over cooked!


While we were having our appetizers, the very friendly waitress would occasionally come by to make sure we were having our meals comfortably and would offer any help if necessary.  She would also ask us whether we were finished if we stopped eating for a moment ahah.  Might be a tad too annoying for people who prefers to have more privacy with their partner or guests.  After slowly savouring the appetizers, the mains we ordered arrived :)!


I ordered the steak with mash potatoes, curried pumpkin puree, and asparagus served with a wine reduction sauce.



Darling ordered Pan Fried Atlantic Salmon with boiled potatoes, and vegetables in special house Tartar sauce!


Our mains very super duper yummy! My steak was cooked to the extent where it sort of melts in your mouth, oh my god, super goodness.  The mash and pumpkin puree was absolutely stunning too! Both the mash and the puree was deliciously smooth and brought a pleasant feel to my palette.  Definitely better than those overpriced pub-style Hog’s Breath steak meal.  Darling’s Atlantic Salmon was fresh from top to bottom, perfectly cooked with a slight hint of rawness at the very centre of the fish slice. She liked it but could not finish the whole slice because the serving was pretty big.  Must have been the large appetizers we had earlier.  To finish the night, the darling saw something which caught her eye.  We ordered the Raspberry Semi-Fredo. Can’t quite remember the name, and just asked darling, her reply was “some ice-cream'” =.=!


Delicious :)! The biscuit on top is yummy with the ice cream.  But not quite worth the 13 dollars. I would have picked up a small pint of Baskin Robins anytime over this one!



Little Darling with her dessert! Pretty!~


After dinner we walked around the beach,enjoying the sunset.  Many looks from beachgoers as we seemed overdressed for the pristine sand which are a familiar feature on Perth WA’s beach.  Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable night and we were back just before 8pm.  Just in time for a photo with the bouquet of flowers I gave her earlier at the airport in the morning :)!


This picture was funny because we tried to take it by ourselves but failed miserably.  Had to get fishman to help us do it!  A bit shy here!


That is all for my Valentines. We did have some lovey dovey gift exchange but we will keep that private for now hoho!  Till then. ;-)



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