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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Birthdays!: Yvonne’s Italian 26th

Yvonne grew another year younger yesterday, so we decided to have a small birthday dinner for her. So hardd to plan hehe! Need to know what cake to buy, where to eat, what time is a good time etc etc.! Some more Yobi claims it is so easy to plan@@.  Oh well, after much consideration I thought we’d go to Mario for his pizzas and pastas once again! OK, he’s not really quite the Mario in Smash Bros but he’s got the nose and face I’d say.



Can you spot him? lol I believe you all can. He’s the one at the far left!


He is really good at making his pizzas! The crust might be burn a little at times but they feel very light and not too doughy or chewy. We ordered two large ones to share amongst ourselves!


Pizza il Padrino, the house specialty. Very tasty! The prosciutto  is very flavourful.



This was il Padrino’s Chicken Pizza, the taste was very good.. but! butttt!! After eating the first pizza which was the saltier one, the Chicken pizza felt a little lack of salt.


I was quite filled up by the time the 6 of us finished the pizza but there was more to fill us up! Pastas here are good in my opinion. However some of the pasta lack flavour. But I remember watching Jamie Oliver’s cooking show where he went to Italy to make pasta. His first try was a failure because the Italians described him as too complicated. Too much meat, flavouring etc etc. So I think if you are craving for some authenticity, then this must be it!


Passion for pasta! That is Nuzzino, the man I call Mario! The picture is really grainy because I was sitting 3 tables away ahah. But oh well, the words are pretty clear!



This was the Tagliatelli which Yh and I ordered one each. Liked the sauce a lot. Really good! Added Parmesan to make it even cheesier! Mouse Approved :)



Yvonne and Sister ordered a Bolognaise each! Does not taste as tasty as it looks apparently :(



Kelvin’s Carbonara! Weird thing he ordered this ahaha. I was expecting him to order something tomato base as he has lots of this every week when he goes to work in Hot Box! He said it did not fare as well as the one at Tiamo! But being kind as usual, he says it taste ok.


After eating all the noodles, we were loaded to the brim. Tip us over a little and we might drip? Leak? lol. But we were not done there yet! We finished off with the cake we bought from Corica’s for Yvonne! A blueberry cheesecake! hehehe



This is birthday girl, her mouth was painful because she took out 4 of her tooth because she wants to do braces.


She’s so funny clapping to her own birthday cake. Not to mention she pays more attention to the sparkler than the camera @@


And finally the picture of the birthday girl in sequence. Something I decided to do randomly. But oh the picture qualities were totally ruined! The website that did this for me did not allow me to full the full resolution pictures unfortunately!



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