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Monday, February 15, 2010

Bites: Bilby’s Burgers @ Claremont

On the eve’s of the Chinese New Year, the dinner is smokin’.  You get chicken, duck, pork, beef, prawns, squid and blah blah blah I think you get my drift.  It’s a supreme feast of meat for kings.  And then on the NEXT day which is the the first day of New Year, my family has this weird tradition to go vegetarian for the whole day @.@! Oh my god!  I’m forced to wake up early to have a good vegetarian breakfast, followed by a vegetarian lunch before ending the day with another vegetarian meal.  I dread the first day of CNY despite being able to collect a good sum of red packets! Constantly craving for those greasy wicked wings from KFC served piping hot with chips.

And on the night of CNY, Yobi stayed over and mannn.  My mom made for him curry noodles with MEAT. Wtf? Noooooooooooooo!  But it doesn’t matter because I was about to indulge in another one of my meaty adventures the following day.  It wasn’t really planned but Vil told me about it on CNY and yeah, it just happened. 

The following day, Vil picked Yobi and I from my place before driving to the showground to find the hidden gem of Claremont.  Didn’t take us long.  Vil just popped a few words into the Iphone and viola~!  We were there within minutes.
Bilby’s~!!  Not your everyday side stall.  This place even has its own website

This is Vil.

This is Yobi.  And he is a terrorist.  But don’t worry he can’t shoot you because his hands are fixed to his mouth.

My order of chips and aioli was out first.  I think they mixed both the cold and hot chips together @@! But it was still nice.  But onion rings @ Jus Burger ftw.

Soon after the chips were served, the burgers were out too!
Three burgerteers.  One for all, all for one.

Vil’s steak burger. Red Eye its called.  Scotch fillet steak with mushrooms and cheese all freshened by crisp lettuce and finished with aioli!

Yobi and I ordered the same burger! He’s a copy cat hohohoo!
Ours was called the King Pin.  The name speaks for itself.  Bacon, beef patty, egg, cheese and salad.  And oh, they didn’t use ketchup.  I think they used pasta sauce! My 10cm tower. By the end of the meal.  I was exploding.  Not sure why in the world is my capacity so small.  But by the look on Yobi’s face.  This burger was nothing. @.@! Oh godd! 

My verdict?  The burger was yums.  Liked the sauce but I would have liked a firmer piece of beef patty.   Yobi thought that perhaps the bacon saved the day.  But he has a funny food chain which only consists of pigs and him.  Vil on the other hand was in love with his burger.  Sounds superbly delicious truth to be said. Scotch fillet steak @.@!!   Another crazy thing about Bilby’s is its price.  Super cheap.  The people @ SixThousand says Bilby’s has the best bang per buck in the North of Perth,  while Alfred’s the godfather of the South.  Another noticeable thing about Bilby’s is its setting.  I thought I was in Busselton for a moment.  Loved it. Will be back for other choices next time!


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