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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bites: Tong 86 @ Perth

Drive along Roe Street past its intersection with William Street and you’ll hit the police station.  On the same row as the station house you’ll see an eatery with almost no sign of existence.  There is no sign board or whatsoever really.  But looking at the walls you’ll see Tong 86.

@.@ Tong 86/?  Who in the world would even call their place “Tong” 86.  Apparently the Koreans would if you wouldn’t.  
Their location is pretty damn good on second thoughts.  With Indians being set on fire, this location next to the police station was nothing less than perfect!

It’s interior depicts its name pretty damn well really.  Not in any pictures but their table stands are made from empty barrels also known as “TONG” by Malays.
Their interior was pretty sick as well.  See the weird thingy all over the ceiling and pillars. Yeah it looks something like err? Korean newspaper =S! Really made me go crazy.  Couldn’t take my eyes of those shit for awhile. 

The menu! It’s my second time in this hideous eatery where you would expect to find nothing really. When we first came here I was expecting disappointment as most of the things on the already limited menu were not available :(!!  But it wasn’t all that bad.

This place serves ultra cheap Korean barbecue along with various meat stew.  And when I say cheap for Korean barbecue it would fit in the range of 15-ish +/- .  Fairly cheap as most of the Korean Barbecue places often go wayyy beyond 20 bucks.

IMG_5914@ Tong 86 there was this really cute waitress that turned up to serve us.  All the guys were like fckin horny dammit!  Chee Rong would give her this smile which was like omg. @@!  I would have freaked out if I were the waitress!  And whenever their horniness peaked.  IT was the “HI CALL”  session:

Press the button and BAM you number shows up on the wall and the waitress comes.  We were like the only  nut heads pressing the button.  Or more like “THEY”. Not “WE”.

BARBECUE KOREAN STYLE rwarrrrrrr.  We had beef and pork slices.  Had at least 6-7 rounds of barbecue that night.

I really like the place.  William thinks its pretty good too.  Jim loves it as well.  Or maybe it was the girls that they liked more.  Not to mention they would play super chick MVs. SDNK, Wonder Girls. Etc. Super drool for all guys hahaha.  Yums!!  Their  authenticity is 100% legit.  We were minorities in the place.  Imagine.  30 tables. Only 1 occupied by non-Koreans.  @@

Another main highlight was the meat especially the pork which was tasty without any marinade not to mention it was odourless as well:).  A well deserved thumbs up from us.


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