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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bites: Bintang Cafe @ Victoria Park

IMG_5929This little Indonesian diner located in a small square in Victoria Park along Albany highway just a kilometre or two from the Cannington side entrance has been one of my usual in my 3rd year.  Even then, it was until today that I decided to give it a modest thought.   No camera no thoughts, so yeah I definitely remembered to bring my trusty companion of 2 years with me!

From what I recall, they used to occupy two shop lots but today I see a different place altogether.  It seems like they’ve reduced their restaurant by at least half! Aikzz!  Next to it is some burger cafe called V burger.

Bintang revamped its interior but its nothing shout about really.  Still reeks of a bad odour from god knows what.  But fortunately, they have a few decent seats outside the cafe.  My staple diet here was the Nasi Goreng Special Extra Spicy.

Priced at $8.80 its a pretty cheap eat.  It has quite a fair bit of food that comes with the fried rice!
Looks pretty good doesn’t it ahah.  Most of the time, all would good except that I hated green peas as my tummy would feel hell weird after eating those peas(fresh peas fits my preference better).  Other times bad things that could happen includes not cooking the dish to order.  It wasn’t even spicy today :(! Being Malaysian, I feel its a let down when the food you expect to have some kick in it doesn’t have any at all. bahhhhh!  But overall it was still edible.  And you could add some chilli if you wanted to.  But in Malaysia the chilli would be “tumis-ed” before being fried with the rice and that makes a whole lot of difference.

Another thing my sister and I ordered today is the Kangkung Belacan:
Mmm this was yums.  Probably one of the better ones in town!!  But being kangkung, there isn’t always enough of the yummy leaf.  Always all those vegetable stalk only! Ackkk @,@!!

Overall Bintang is an “ok la” place to eat.  Nothing to shout about. Mediocre!!  And with it being Indo/Malay food, I’ve experienced countless of times where the food cooked always lacked consistency.  And this practically applies to all Indo/Malay food I eat.  Either I’m just out of luck or god knows what else.  And it seems like I’m not the only one with such comments out there. ahah Oh wait hmm Manise@ Northbridge is not like that ahaha.  Ok exception made.


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