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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bites: Il Ciao @ Applecross

My sister has been craving for shanks for over a fortnight now.  And to no avail she’s been deprived of it at every western meal we have.   The one at Christina’s and now at this other restaurant Il Ciao @ Applecross.  Nonetheless, it was she missed the shank as I managed to have a good tryout at a new restaurant.  My meal at Christina’s was quite a disaster with the grilled chicken and pasta being the worst combination ever.  But at Il Ciao, it was no where near as bad as the one at Christina’s. 
While the grilled chicken was not a tender boast, the flavoursome marinade on the grilled chicken skin was deliciously spiced with chilli flakes and with the additional acidity from the lemon, gawd!  But the highlight was the additional 3 dollars I paid for the Bolognaise.  Definitely the best bolognaise in Perth.  Or at least my sister, Xin Ling and I enjoyed it to bits!  So much that I tried replicating my childhood Bolognaise that  my maid used to make.  The guys thought the pasta came out quite OK.  I even topped it with a large piece of crumbled chicken! MAN!!! It was ok only though =.=!  Oh and the funny thing about the Bolognaise at Il Ciao is that you can only have it as an addition to the mains but not as a main by itself.  Saddening :( boooo!

Other than the grilled chicken, the three of us shared another steak dish which was funnily small =X!
The steak looks delicious doesn’t it?  It was just that I felt the sides were a bit disappointing.  Boiled potatoes and grilled vegetables were not the things to go with a juicy side of steak.  I would prefer something like the normal mash or perhaps something more kid-like such as chips ahah.

Funny thing about the three of us is how little we eat for the main but have similarly as much for dessert.  After sharing the two mains, we shared two cakes that were huge ass!  Butterscotch cheese cake for the win and the orange teacake taste every bit like mom’s orange butter cake but my mom does it better  :D!!

By the end of the meal, all three of us were super full as how I would describe myself at the end of the meals I have.  Il Ciao next to Terrazza is similarly as good in different dishes.  I would go to Terrazza for the Ala Vodka pasta and the lamb shank or if I’m in Il Ciao, the grilled chicken is something I liked quite a fair bit.  The Bolognaise, needless to mention was nice.  Maybe I was a bit crazy that day although there was no reason to be so.  But it was good!!!  Recommended!!


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