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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bites: Toto @ Victoria Park

Yessh!! The semester finally ends today and its time to celebrateeeeeeeee!  Time to go clubbing, movies and just do nothing xD! :P Okla I would be lying if I said I’m in the celebration mood T.T!  The end of the semester signals the start of a very limited 1 week study break.  Nonetheless the mind does not work well with a hungry tummy.  Before dinner we did some grocery in Broadway, and the uncle at the oriental shop told me that Korean instant noodles stimulate the brain which is good for studies =.=”!  Not that its true or anything but I did buy 1 packet of it ahaha. After doing the essential groceries we went home to have some rest before getting Jim and Kelvin for dinner.  We ordered dishes this time instead of the usual noodles because my sister told us they had some pretty good dishes to go with rice!

And that is well hmmm, partly true?  Luckily enough, 3 of the 5 dishes were worthy of being put up on here:
The crispy fish with ToTo’s fish sauce.  Not sure what its name is but I do know there is a picture of it ahaha. Oh yeah and the sauce is clear by the way :P  Fishman’s dream come true.  He hasn’t had his fish for ages now..!

Butter Prawns.  While its name and picture on the menu portrays all the characteristic of a classic liquid-y butter prawn, be fooled not.  Its really something different.  There is a lingering fragrant of butter all over this dish but its does not taste like it should.  Not as nice as the classic if you’d asked me =X!

Jim’s fav and probably my favourite as well.  The mayonnaise spare ribs were killer stuff.  With the exception of its serving.  Pretty small :(!  I think I had two pieces, Jim had two and the rest only had 1 :(!  But it tasted nice although the sauce was not as thick as the normal Peking ribs coated with mayonnaise.  It was the best of the lot :)!!

Overall, Toto is a good place to eat if you come knowing what you’re looking for. I came here and tried 5 dishes only to find 3 are OK and the other 2.. disastrous.  Horrendous horrendous.  Their sizzling supreme chicken is disgusting and all their stir-fry vegetables are nothing more than a bad joke.  Really a put off seeing the way those two dishes were done.  If you’re here for noodles, I’ve tried the beef hor fun, and the pork & prawn noodles soup which is OK only.  I would have preferred Viet Nosh @ Hampden Road and Tra Vinh @ Northbridge if it was nooodles soup that I wanted.

Ok enough of food talk now. 10 days to exam. 1 month to Melbourne.  Now we’re talking. It’s countdown.


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