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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bites: Pancho’s Mexican Villa @ Victoria Park

The exam week is gone and I have never felt this good for the year.  At least not yet :D!  After an early Saturday with my relative for dim sum, I headed home for a good lazy evening rolling all over my bed.  Oh god, that was such a good activity I must insist.  It’s been a long time since I had a chance to do so!  Mmm the feeling of rolling rolling rolling =D!  That is totally awesome!  Dinner time soon came and hohohoho! I told the guys we should have something different.  Not Chinese, not Indian, not Malay, not Korean, not Italian, not Western, and definitely no Japanese.  I guess you get what I’m trying to say.  So we decided to try anything that catches our eye on Vic Park!  It did not take us long to decide really. We ended up eating in a Mexican restaurant within the first few clicks of the Cannington entrance to Victoria Park.

Upon entrance to the restaurant we were greeted by a lady only to be told  “oh god, you’re here without a booking?”  That definitely caught us by surprise as we did not expect the place to be full.  Luckily enough the manager managed to squeeze us in before a customer booking was to be satisfied.  We had the whole hour to ourselves and that is quite sufficient :)!
Oh yeah people.  Vote for Pedro!  They say this place has been running for 20years +!  That is wicked!

We first started with a Supreme Nachos @$18.00 to share!  Asked for spicy and we sure got we wanted.  Not a killer to be honest.   But it came quite expectedly because most Caucasians simply cannot eat really spicy food!  (Sorry for the lack of pictures! I only have one good picture of my main :D!)
This is my err beef taco with chicken and cheese enchiladas @ $22!  Kelvin had something similar to mine while my sister and yh had the Grande!  A wholesome Mexican coverage with 4-5 dishes!

Overall this place is OK.  But I personally felt like dying due to the cheese overload.  Cannot imagine how my sister and yh felt considering they are not big cheese fan ahaha.  I guess Mexican fare really is not our kind of food :)!  But I have to say, the mains were quite yummy! I particularly love the crispy skin beef taco!  Nothing that I cant make though =X!

Oh but on a side note, the Nachos were not at its best that night.  It was soggy and felt like biting into a biscuit that has lost its crispiness.  Quite disgusting :(!

Nonetheless, it was good that I had something different to eat.  Not the common Asian or Western fare which we do so well at home yet we opt to pay tens of dollars having it outside!


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