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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bites: Atrium’s Buffet @ Intercontinental Burswood.

Last week, Yi Heng and Jim celebrated their birthday! To celebrate this double joy, we decided to spoil them with a good buffet dinner, or at least people in town think its good hehe! So was it good enough for us?  Well, read on below :P!


The Atrium over the past year has undergone significant changes to improve its appeal to the public.  To improve its ageing decor, the Atrium has adopted an oriental styling which is pretty wow compared to the few times I have eaten here over the past years.  But of course, the price has also increased from $50 or 55 to $65. 


The buffet at Atrium showcased an array of mouth watering dishes. There was a selection of Asian, Western and European dishes.  While the Oriental stiry-fry dishes were pretty plain, the Chinese roast meat was quite good.  Only the Peking Duck I must insist! Unlimited Peking duck ;)!


Mmmm delicious and crispy duck skin with vegetables and sauce all wrapped up in fresh pancakes!  The skin was good, but I have to say, the duck marinade was nothing to shout about!!


For my sister and most of my friends, the unlimited sashimi was all the rage that night!


Layers of fresh salmon slices!  Atrium also had tuna on their line up!  While my sister was totally in love with the salmon, Jia Sheng thought that the tuna at Atrium was one of the best in Perth!  His comparison?  The super yummy Kanta @ Langford!


Nevertheless, I am never keen on fish! So my choice at the seafood counter was the crabs! Cooked crabs with cocktail sauce has always been a favourite of mine with prawns coming in second!  However, YiHeng aka fishman was not happy with the crabs as they were not sweet.  At first I did not understand why!  But after eating 3 crabs, I soon saw the truth in his comment! The crabs were a mix of good and bad.  Some of it tasted blend while others tasted sweet!


Cold food! Crabs!


Anyone keen on steaks, roasts and stew?


ahaha this was purposely plated for picture purposes, because after this plate, I took no more pictures of all the dessert which I had!


The beef medallions were cooked really well cooked with a pink middle.  Nevertheless, it was still lacking in juiciness!  Maybe it just was not the correct part to use!  However, Kelvin says that the roast lamb from the carver was yummy!  And do not forget the corn which everyone though was juicy and sweet! I had none though.  I was terribly misguided by the corn’s pale colour!!


Then comes the sweet ending of the night! The desserts!  There were cakes, heaps of them! Profiteroles which darling called cream puffs!  Apple crumble! Belgian Waffles! Fruits! Fondues! OMG!  Everything sweet!  Did we like it?  I think it was a yes!  Even Darling says yes!


After eating, it was time for some pictures :)!


Jimmy, Darling and Jia Sheng!



William, YiHeng and Jia Hui!  Edwin was here too but went incognito when I asked for a second shot!



The Bruneians!! Vanessa and Kelvin!


Hope the birthday boys enjoyed our treat!  And to my readers, sorry that I missed out on the dessert pictures.  But here is another blog which has really good dessert pictures :)!!

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