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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bites: Il Ciao @ Applecross (Revisited)

Two weeks I re-visited Il Ciao to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Despite recent reviews saying it has dropped in quality, there were no significant issues with the food we had. At il ciao, there is always a wait and no bookings are allowed for group of 7 and less. Nevertheless, the free pizza slices kept the waiting patrons happy!  While we waited, I was snapping around trying to get accustomed with my new toy.


Using my workmate’s Canon 30D! I can tell you one thing for sure, you’d be surprised what this trusty aged machine does! It really produces some fine pictures!

The appetizer for the night:


The chili mussels were flavoursome with its flesh more well cooked than most places.  However, the missing richness in its tomato taste failed give us the perfect start.


After the mussels, the girls were back to their usual antique.


The ladies :)


For our mains, we each ordered one and pretty much shared it around the table:


Fishman’s scotch fillet was one of the superb dishes that night.  While it did not offer all the qualities of a dry aged steak, the scotch fillet did not feel lacking in anyway.  It still was cooked to order albeit slightly overcook, but the most amazing part of the steak was the sauce.  Creamy goodness with mushrooms and chopped tomatoes.  Just a good mix of sweetness, saltiness and acidity.  Slurps!



Nee and I both ordered the Ruspante alla Diavola or the chicken char-grilled and marinated with chilli, rosemary and white wine  served with a side of Spaghetti Bolognese.  I have had this before and like 3 years ago, it did not disappoint.  This is easily a good chicken roast with a tasty outside and a moist inside.  Seasoning was flawless although Nee did struggle with the heat a little.  Bolognese side is definitely worth that extra dollars adding.  While they do not use wagyu, the mince still felt moist and juicy.  Definitely my pick at Il Ciao!



The little darling’s lasagne was also pretty decent.  If there were any wishes, it would be more of that rich tomato sauce and of course some b├ęchamel to go with it.



Traditional Ligurian twirled pasta with ricotta cheese, sundried tomatoes and Italian sausages in a fresh tomato sauce was  Yvonne’s choice that night. While it tasted OK I thought that the pasta could have been a little softer.  There were some instances that it felt significantly undercooked!

And lastly the birthday girl!  Finally 18 now! Happy birthday ;)!



And ok, the little darling and I