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Monday, December 23, 2013

Bites: Good Fortune Roast House @ Victoria Park

Northbridge used to be my destination for the best roast meats in town.  Starting with my early years in Good Fortune Roast House to the amazing Hong Kong Barbeque now, a slice of the good old Hong Kong roast is never too far.  But with Perth’s burgeoning crowd growing beyond optimal comes massive traffic jams.  Pair it with the long queues for paid parking makes Northbridge a massive hassle. I am really so over that now.  But there has never really been a roast in Victoria Park with a big “wow” factor.  That is until Good Fortune Roast House Open on the 13th of December which so happens to be my birthday! 


The interior is heaps bigger but still features the same old small wooden stools from its Northbridge stall.  However, unlike its shabby older brother this one is large with heaps more room to breathe.  Comparing HK BBQ and Good Fortune in Northbridge, the former is heaps better for 2 main reasons.  A  much more presentable interior, as well as delicious non-roast dishes.  However, with this new flagship in Victoria Park open, at least my roast meat craving can be satisfied :)!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


That day I stuck to my favorite boneless roast duck and crispy roast pork for $13.50.  It arrived on a large plate looking generous! Plump juicy duck that has been roasted to perfection.  It companion the roast pork was crispy, salty and had just the right ratio of fat to meat.  Put that on rice and douse with lovely roast juices, what else do you need in the world?  Not to mention their trademark pickles were just the right thing to cut through this meaty meal.  For me, one thing the Good One lack over my other favorite roast places is the tasty sauce poured over the rice.  The one here is so much more flavorsome with a hint of traditional herbs.  Simply glorious!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


If you crave noodles,  there is something for you too.  My friend loves his roast with noodles and says that Good Fortune Roast House makes the best dried noodles in town.  True or not, you shall be the judge :)!PC170008 Over all, impressive roast is still a forte of the Good Fortune Roast House making it amongst the best in town.  In fact, it is in the top two although I am still a bigger fan of Hong Kong Barbecue.  You can see a post of mine here  Hong Kong BBQ on WenY.  However, if it is just roast that you are looking for, look no further.  With Victoria Park’s  free parking and bearable traffic, why queue and be stuffed in the city.  Definitely come here.  In fact, Victoria Park has some really great places now like the Imp, Harvest Espresso, the Prophet, V Burger, and a host of other places serving amazing curry, Chinese and sort. So happy :)!



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