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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bites: Dosukoi Ramen @ Allendale Square, Perth CBD

The pioneer of what is inevitably one of the most authentic Ramen is Dosukoi Ramen which first started in the Fremantle Markets many years ago.  But with something so tantalizing yet affordable, news did not take long to spread.  Soon, queues for ramen at this original shop in Fremantle stretched 3 hours long.  Fortunately, the mastermind behind this establishment decided to open on in the CBD making it super accessible for a quick meal.
With no price increase, there seem to be enough for a decent meal here.  My favourite ramen here is the Shoyu or Soy based ramen with tender pork slices (Chasiu).  For $10, you get 5 pieces of Chasiu with their signature Sumo stamped Nori and a slice of Naruto along with Dosukoi’s decadent ramen.
Whilst this bowl is named and priced the same as the one in Fremantle, I cannot help but feel that something was lacking.  It felt a little salty but that was not the problem.  It was something else that was missing.  However, this is no way deterred me from enjoying this bowl of ramen.  Its noodles were bouncy, the Chasiu was tender as hell and all in all, it just was a really good bowl of noodles.

Many people would compare the ramen here to the ramen served in the Fremantle Markets.  But in all honesty, if the CBD shop saves me the need drive to Fremantle as well as a 2-3hours on a weekend, I can happily forgo the small difference present.   In this city of pretty expensive food, a good meal for under $10 is not an easy find.  Especially so when so much detail and effort is required to make a decadent broth with matching tender pork slices.  So if you are looking for a delicious bite without the cost, definitely checkout Dosukoi Ramen :)!  And if you are not a fan of noodles, they have several rice dishes on offer too :)!

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