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Monday, September 19, 2016

Bites: Fried Chicken Goodness @ 7Grams Chicken, North Perth.

Winner winner chicken dinner.  The KFC craze has not slowed in Perth.  Starting as an appetiser on the KBBQ table, it is now worthy of being the centrepiece of any meal.  7Grams Chicken in North Perth started appearing on my Instagram feed a couple of months ago.  The pictures you would expect looked superb.  Crunchy chicken coated in a sticky sweet marinade.  How can one say no?! To put in to the test, I decided to go there for a meal.

My mate’s coffee to get him started.  If you are looking for value, look no further as nothing gets bigger than this.

A whole mug of frothy goodness.

The first batch of chicken we ordered was a combination of the honey soy and sweet chilli chicken.

These were super tasty with the marinate coating the chicken well.  Even better was the fact that the chicken batter underneath stayed crispy!! So every time I bite into the kitchen, there was more than flavour.  There was a layer of promising crunch each time.  My dislike?  The level of sweetness.  I reckon both the honey soy and sweet chilli chicken had a sweetness beyond the norm.  But that was fine because they were meant to be sweet.  

The Spicy Chilli and Cheese at 7Grams Chicken.

Its every bit what you would expect from the combination of chilli and cheese.  Spicy, salty, slightly sweet and rich with the melted cheese!  Its nowhere near as sweet as the honey soy or sweet chilli but instead, has a hint of sweetness that keeps you going despite the heat.  It was exciting!  Chopped up raw onions added to the kick and over all, the 7Grams's Spicy Chilli and Cheese Fried Chicken was what I wanted!  

We also ordered some sides such as the onion rings, fries, and salad.  No real big favourite amongst the lot as they were all OK only.  But no way in the world would I say no the chips or onion rings when eating fried chicken.  After all, what could be a more perfect combination than fried chicken and chips!?  7Grams Chicken in North Perth is a pretty decent feed.  The menu was a combination of hit and misses but that is if you were as fussy as me!  Flavours for most parts were a pleasant experience and I enjoyed it.  The Spicy Chilli and Cheese Fried Chicken gets a special mention for its crispy chicken coated in a sticky spicy chilli sauce topped with oozy cheese and tangy onions! Booms!!

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