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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Priceless Ageing: Dusit Thai @ James St. , Northbridge

WenY is  officially 21 years old hoho! Been through a long year with a lot of experience and shit.  But thanks to the great friends that are always sticking together, things always seemed to be a tad easier than it was meant to be.  Tonight was one to celebrate with the friends that I always have with me.  We dined @ Dusit Thai along James st. in Northbridge.  Thai food was good.  Had a 9 course meal lol. Wicked sick ey?  Quite  a lot of pigging was involved! Ready up :D!


No rushing to the mains ahah.  Appetizers come first right?


The  KRA TONG THONG.  God knows what that means but I’ll make it easier for you people.

“Stir-fried diced Prawns, Minced Chicken and Sweet corn on Deep-fried Tartlets”.  Yummy meat combination served in a crispy shell! Yummy!




YUM NUEA; Grilled Beef Salad mixed together with Onion, Chilli, Lemon Juice, Coriander, Tomato, Fish Sauce and Cucumber. This was delicious! Even in Bangkok the grilled pork salad was oh my gawddddddddd! So awesome! Yums! + the serve is usually large and filled with meat.



TORD MAN PLA; Deep Fried Minced Fish Blend with Red Chilli Paste, Herbs and Eggs served with Spicy Sauce.  An all time Thai favourite! Mmmmm still remember the time I had it with Justin and Yobi @ JJ market. 5 ringgit for one pile of it.  Lovely stuff. 



CURRY PUFFS ;  Chicken curry puffs served with cucumber relish.  Only one thing to say. L.O.L. This one okla. Looks like and taste like it came from some frozen oriental shop.  Nothing to shout about as I’m from where this things are made to perfection.



After the appetizers I think most of us were pretty filled up already.  But the banquet did not just finish there!! Had soooomoooooree foooooooooooooooood.  The mains are pretty good as well;



PARD PARK ROM-MIT; Stir-fried mixed green Vegetables! Rooooooooooommmmmmmmmit! It was normal vegetable probably fried with some fish sauce?  Was tasty eheh.



GA TIAM PHIK-THAI TALAY; Stir-Fried mixed seafood with Garlic and Pepper.  My sister did not quite like this dish ahah.  But I thought it was pretty ok. hehe Very simple but it is a stir-fry after all!



PLA SAM-ROD; Deep-fried FISH FILLETS topped with Sweet & Sour Chilli Sauce.  This fish was very delish indeed.  Or maybe because it tastes like my dad fried fish cutlets with fermented bean paste sauce haha



This was the green curry which like all other green curries I’ve had was yummy with lots of coconut milk fragrant!


By the end of the meal we were BLOATED to the max! Had a yummy cake that my sister bought from Baskin Robbins! Nice cake it was very creamyyyyyyy @.@  Dusit Thai was a good experience yums! The banquet was definitely filling! Unlike most restaurant, this one boast a golden plate award of some sort on every single pillar supporting the structure.  Beat that bitches! ahahah.  The service was bombastic.  Plates changed after appetizer and constant pouring of water or rice.  No need to even ask for a refill of rice.  They just do it automatically!  That’s what I call service! 


Thanks everyone for the presents and wootz sister.  Splurging so much! Thanks to you too haaha. Loved the wallets and bags everyone!!  ;-)



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