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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Celebrations: Dad’s 58th @ Pantai Seafood!

Work @ Worley has been good so far.  Even without getting paid and having to put up with the nasty bitch of a weather. Learned a lot about the Aus standards even though I had only been there for a mere 12 days! Still a lot to familiarise myself with.  Later on the 16th I stopped and took off from work to come home.  That night I stopped we cooked dinner @ our place and friends over!  Then Polly and I watched Inglorious Bastards! And before we knew it, the taxi came in the wee hours of the morning to get us to the airport! She certainly did freak us out! Like totally @@! She was old and wore a dress plus she had awesomely long fingers! Very seductive for a tall men perhaps.  But for me she was scarrrrrrrrrryyyyy!  Pauline kinda freaked out too ahha.  In fact we though she was a transgender :S!

The flight was on AirAsia and it was ok, except for the shit food @@! I mean really shit ahah.  They had tricolour poison with grilled chicken which was blehhhhh!!  Anyways could not be too bothered by onboard food.  Because when I get off the plane Ho!Ho!Ho!! Feels like Christmas is here early ahah.  My dad’s bday was on the 17th of Dec.  We held a small family dinner @ Pantai Seafood not too far from my place! So happy to be living in a foodie district!
  The yummy noodles! I think it was some long life noodle thingy?  Cannot really remember!

A vege that is never nice in Aus.  The Sei Tai Tin Wong.  A mixture of Brinjal, Ocra, long beans and four angle beans fried in a prawn-chilli paste :D!!

Mantis Prawn with Salted Egg coating.  Very frequently eating with “unshelled” prawns but that is never better than mantis prawns which is almost never served with shell. ahah

Som random bean curd dish! I’m not a fan of bean curd so this was OK only.

This was the first crab dish which was fried Kam Heong style with vermicelli! One of the best crabs around!  We had another steamed one which was a total FAIL! But nonetheless I’ve been forced to reluctantly fork out 70AUD for crabs in Perth for the few years I’ve been living there.  So I’m so much more thankful for the crabs in Malaysia ahah.

IMG_4935After devouring all the diving food we held on awhile more while free desserts pour in.  My aunty and uncle seems to know all the makan places proprietors so it’s always cool to eat wherever they suggest.  You save instantly on karaoke rooms and desserts ahaha.  Private dining rooms come easy too!!  Definite enjoy my dinner on the first night! Been coming to Pantai Seafood for the past few years after boycotting certain seafood places! This place definitely serves a kick @ a cheap price!  More importantly my dad enjoyed to food too! It was his birthday after all! How can the birthday boy not enjoy his meal? ahaha! Sadly there was no present for him this time :(!  But it’s ok his kids are back so that’s still a present right? hohoho

Oh and on the top is my cute cousin with his cool “Dragon Ball” hair. Haha he’s got a lot of girls chasing after him supposedly @@!

More updates soon!