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Friday, March 25, 2011

Bites: Little Ying Thai @ Victoria Park.

This little Thai cafe along Albany highway near Dome has a name that reminds me of one of the best Thai restaurants in Melbourne, Ying Thai 2 (check it out here).  Then comes the food unfortunately, which my sister tried once and said it was mediocre only.  I was not satisfied with her comment and could not resist trying it which I ended up doing yesterday!  Vil tagged along as it has been quite a while since I last met him!  When we went into the restaurant, we were greeted by some fine smelling Thai fragrant which covered the entire eating place.  Funnily enough, we were the only ones there at 1.30p.m.  Hmmm, who were they cooking for?


We promptly attended to by  the waiter who kindly asked us to call him when we were ready to order.  We soon ordered and I asked for something that was not on their lunch menu.  Well, they keen to kindly prepare my roast duck red curry which I love so much.  Darling ordered chicken tom yam, Fishman ordered spicy chicken fried rice and Vil ordered the Pad Thai!


When my dish came out it looked pretty good. Pineapples, aubergine, capsicums, and tomatoes all of that in a rich and fragrant sauce with pieces of boneless roasted duck in it.  When I first taste it, I though to myself, “Wow, this is actually pretty good,”.  But when I had my first bite into the duck, I was disappointed.  The meat was actually tough, as if the duck has been undercooked.  I would normally expected it to be tender and soft, but it turn out otherwise :(!  The taste was good but a bit sweet.  Perhaps this was because this dish was only meant to be available at night but they prepared it for me during lunch!!  What surprised me more was the difference between the red curry chicken and beef @ $8.80 while the duck curry cost $16.90.  Shocker really.  But the worst was yet to come.


Darling’s beaming face went to an all time low when she was served little Ying Thai’s tom yam soup because it tasted as if tom yam paste was used instead of fresh ingredients!  Real bummer without a doubt!  Vil found his pad Thai “ok” BUT he liked the one at S & T a lot more.  And then comes YH fried rice which he says its way too oily.  Overall, you can see that my sister is right here.  Goddamit I should have trusted her.  This restaurant definitely get a PASS but not even a CREDIT if it was an examinable unit! 


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  1. Duck curry is my favorite dish in this place cuz the red curry is so rich n they don't use the frozen duck like somewhere. I knew from the staff that they supply the roasted ducks from Good One Chinese restaurant where it's so popular. My thai friends so love pad thai in tis place as they don't use tomato s or chilli paste on their dish!

    Dude I recommend u should go for Un-real thai place to find out ur taste

  2. Haha try S & T on William Street. That's the real deal even though they do not do roast duck curry ;-)! Anyways how do you answer the tom yam then? Bottled paste do not make the cut.

  3. And so to add, the Good One was never well known for their roast duck :(! Their roast pork on the other hand is different.

  4. Oh wow, what a discussion tle_spt and you had there!! I hate to say this but what nationality are you WenY? I was born and raised in Thailand and I am 100% real Thai. I was reading your blog while searching for a good Thai restaurant around Victoria Park. I figured you did not like it so much (or at all) but I decided to give Little Ying Thai a try anyways since it was close to where I was. And sorry again to say that you were totally wrong!! I tried everything you had and every single dish was done to perfection of "authentic Thai taste", well not that you will know anyways. How did you know they were using bottled paste though? Did you go inside and look? If not, please do not be judgmental just because Little Ying Thai is not as big or fully decorated as other Thai restaurants. They have the best Thai food you could ask for for a very reasonable price. Do not judge the book by its cover, WenY!!!

  5. Hi there, hate to pop your bubble but I'm a Malaysian with a Thai heritage. Always loved Thai food which is well priced and tasty. If you have seen my more recent post, I've eaten in two fancy Thai restaurants which I've given them a thumbs down!

    Of all the Thai restaurants I have eaten (about 13) only two have really satisfied me. S & T (cheap) and Dusit Thai (expensive) in Northbridge.

    Furthermore, if you are really Thai, I am surprised by your preference for Thai food that is overly sweet. During my trip to Bangkok over the last few years, I have eaten in various places ranging from stalls at the Chatuchak market the Baiyoke Sky buffets. None of those that I went to served fried rice as if it has been doused with sugary water. Neither have the curries been overpowered by the sweetness of the fruits (canned sugared ones).

    Nevertheless, I believe everyone have a different perception towards food. Or perhaps the little Ying Thai really messed up the last time I went? Adding on, my opinion includes opinions from 1 other person who lived at the Thai border and 2 other Malaysians.


  6. Also, if the Little Ying Thai were so 'authentic' why was it that the Pad Thai not have the preserved bean curd (which gives it the red color and slight sweetness) or the little shrimps and radish bits which give it the saltiness?

    It felt bland with false sweetness coming from nowhere.

  7. LOL sorry I cant help but laughing at what you last said that we use preserved bean curd for red color in Pad Thai. You may be mistaken it with other kind of red soup noodles? I do not know how to put this nicely but how a Malaysian with Thai heritage and someone who lives close to Malaysia border know more about Thai food than a person who was born and raised in Thailand, like me? I understand you have been in Thailand many times. I, though, live in Bangkok and eat Thai food every single day. And yes we do put sugar in a lot of our dishes, even sour dominated dish. Do you know that we put sugar in a stir-fried vegetable dish? Some chefs put more sugar than the others and that is all dependent on their taste bud. However, that does not make their dish unauthentic since it is made in Thailand. However, when Thai food travels oversea, things change. Non-Thai people who are used to tasteless Thai food that has been "adjusted" to satisfy non-Thai taste bud start to judge with so much so little knowledge they have about Thai food.

    The point of what I have been saying is that I find it unfair for you to criticize them just because you like one and not another. The chef/owner at S&T is from Northern east part of Thailand while Little Ying Thai counterpart is from Bangkok. That should explain why their food taste a little different. As for why they do not put those ingredients in Pad Thai is beyond my knowledge. I believe though that those might not be cost effective? Even restaurants in USA and Canada, those Pad Thai taste boosters vary from restaurant to restaurant. And I mean this whole discussion thing is not for Little Ying Thai in particular. I am Thai and standing up for all Thai restaurants that you have been criticizing!!

  8. It's not a tough decision when you compare restaurants. You order some dishes you usually order, and some new dishes. Like it or not, there is always going to be a benchmark restaurant where a similar restaurant is going to ace it, or lose out in comparison. In this case, for a similar price comparison; Little Ying Thai is just nowhere near on par compared to my foodie adventures to S&T or Ying Thai 2 in Melbourne which even Thai people dine and recommend. Sweetness on the other hand is subjective but generally, I can tell how many restaurants, Asian in particular have increased the level of sweetness to cater for a Western crowd. Unfortunately enough, the little ying Thai did that when I ate there once.

    Also forgive me if I mentioned the wrong beancurd. I might have mistakenly abd thought it was preserved. Other sauces might have been used. Nevertheless, I rather that ethnicity not be a matter of judgment because as always there are always people who are extremely picky about food and others who think food are no more than just a necessity.

    Also, my comments as a whole are not biased and is solely based on my one visit which the chef might have messed up. I do no work for any restaurants and eat out 4 times a week. Also I believe that my preference are not without it's merits as you will see that a whole lot of people like S&T rather than just ANY Thai restaurant.


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  10. I also bookmarked and tweeted this. Thank you so much for showing great concern for other people. Much Respect.Places To Eat In Perth