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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bites: Toast @ East Perth

Toast has been popular among breakfast groups and food bloggers in Perth.  I have been dying to go Toast for awhile now, but I did not get a chance to do so until last week when Xin Ling’s dad was here!  So on his last day here I brought him, Jh’s dad and Xin Ling there.  While we didn’t know whether the place was going to be superb or not, the energetic and friendly staff helped me to a good start!  Breakfast menu was aplenty with some special dishes and of course, the usual brekkie food.


To help kick start the morning (although it was already 11), darling and I ordered a hot choc each, while the two uncles had their cappuccino.


Slurps!  The hot choc was super chocolaty with a nice touch of art on the froth!  It was yummy although I would have liked it to be more milky!!


While I would not usually fork out 20 dollars on a meal of vegetables, James St. Cafe changed my mind. I decided to go for the Vegan full breakfast. 2 Poached eggs, toast, stuffed mushrooms and a corn cake was all this plain Jane had to offer. But being plain isn’t all that bad. Generously spread the butter over the toast before smearing egg yolk all over the toast turned out pretty good! Don’t forget the saltiness of the stuffed mushrooms and the sweetness of the corn cake, woots! The tomatoes could have been more well done though!!Perhaps roasted with garlic and cheese like my aunt does it? eheh!


I like this picture a whole lot.  Not so much for the food but rather the three main colours, red, yellow and blue!  Feels like a Piet Mondrian art piece ;-)!


Darling decided to have toast with poached eggs and bacon!  Look at the picture and feel disappointed, but don’t judge a book by its cover!  Underneath those two thick toast are generous servings of rasher bacon and two poached eggs!  Two eggs seems to be the limit at these brekkie places.  No idea why!


How wrong can bacons and eggs be?


Once we were done, we felt like we had rocks in our tummy!  Despite having all vegetables, the breakfast felt really solid and heavy!  And as you would have guessed it, the breakfast last me through lunch until dinner!  Darling on the other hand couldn’t finish her meal and so I jumped in for some bacon action hehe!  Hey, the tomatoes needed salvation ok?!  Xin Ling’s dad finished the cappuccino and had the walnut and pecan bread.  He was overloaded too!  It was good to come here.  However, comparing John street to Toast, the vegan meal at John St. cafe was a lot easier to chow down.  Possibly it was because the dishes in the meal were a lot juicier like the mushrooms and the beans made the meal more digestible!   All in all, I wouldn’t mind coming here again but probably I will have something else next time :P!



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