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Friday, April 22, 2011

Date Night: XO-Lounge, Perth

After a week of harsh self-abuse, it was finally time to dress up and stop that stupid university rubbish.  Exams, assignments, projects.  What in the world is UWA up to this year?  Broken data, crappy lecturer.. oh my the list miseries goes on!  Putting that aside, I had a gorgeous dinner night with the little darling!  We went to XO-Lounge located along the Exchange Plaza on Wednesday night which marked the start of my Easter break!




We ordered the XO-Antipasto ($40) to share.  The antipasto had four assortments in it:

-Char grilled veal and parma ham kebabs, spiced romas and sage crisps.

-Sherry cured ocean trout bruschetta toped with salmon caviar.

-Spiced king prawns, fresh coriander, chilli and lemon preserve.

-Smoked buffalo cheese tart, caramelised onions and tossed walnuts.


The prawns were bursty with yummy flavours.  The lemon wedge is a must squeeze on the prawns as it made it taste so good!  The kebabs were special with combination of meat that somewhat reminded me of a Vietnamese meat skewer!  It was good too!  The buffalo cheese tart was “OK” and it reminded me of the Pizza Bianca served at Olivers! 


And the ocean trout bruschetta ahah, I didn’t have any but darling said it was not bad.  Looks nice though, but that slice of raw fish didn’t seem tempting to me at all @@!


For our mains, little darling ordered the Tasmanian salmon ($38).  The fish looked delicious on that mountain of vegetables!  But that scoop of paste which I thought was made of sundried tomato tasted of “sambal” instead and that was absolutely weird.  Otherwise, I think the fish was super yummy!  I couldn’t resist asking some from her too.  The fish was well cooked with the outside leaving it light pink in colour while the inside tended to be darkish pink!  Yums!  The vegetables were cold and so I think its some sort of cold salad. 



And for me, I ordered the Black Angus Steak ($52) served with homemade crunchy wedges and with salsa roast tomato.


This one I must insist was very very very enjoyable.  The steak was cooked to medium with perfection.  Darling couldn’t resist and had a few mouths of that juicy tender steak.  BUT DAMN it is SMALL!  Two Angus fillet steak was no bigger than half the scotch fillet I had the day before!  But damn it was good.  Wedges were another highlight.  One of the best homemade wedges I have ever tasted.  Not some dodgy  home made French fries which I’ve had many times in burger bars.  But at $52 dollars this is quite heavily priced even though not as dear as the dry aged steaks. And one think which left me puzzled was the sauce on the steak.  I have absolutely no idea how that green patch turnout to be the roast tomato salsa.  But putting colours aside, the sauce which I got was pretty good too!


The night wouldn’t be complete without our sweet accompaniment wouldn’t it?  We ended our night with some yummy desserts!


Chocolate and  Cointreau  Mousse ($18) wrapped in chocolate fudge, orange caramel and a pistachio biscotti.  A good level of sweetness with a line of smeared jam and rwarrr!  But biscotti was on the hard side!  Not that it matters as the main focus was the chocolate mousse! :)!



Glazed lemon and cinnamon crepe ($16) filled with lemon mousse and a blueberry and ginger compote!  Darling like the way it was presented with the super tempting crispy crust of burned sugar on the crepe.  Blueberry and ginger compote was fresh but hmm didn’t taste like any ginger was in there =/.  More importantly, it satisfied darling’s sweet tooth.


At the end of the night we were smiling.  Would this pass the serendipity test? An accidental experiment than turn out beautifully!  What was happier is that while our entire bill totalled to $164 dollars!  And that was excluding the bottle of white wine which we brought home too which would place the bill somewhere around the 200 dollars mark!  But with the coupon I got, it was 90 dollars for this very yummy dinner.  It is really quite funny how much we enjoyed it considering how lowly people rated this restaurant!  I was surprised how much darling and I enjoyed the food.  The service was decent but tended to be slow at the start.  Took awhile for them to confirm our meal and awhile for water to be served.  Otherwise, the service was attentive and good!



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