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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bites: The Imp @Victoria Park

I promised myself awhile ago that I shall abstain from any food blogging but ZzzzzZzz. I got bored of studying :P!  I have been to new brekkie place over the weekends so I’m here to share my latest brekkie tryout in Perth!  The place is just a couple of minutes away from home and it is really convenient!  The Imp is conveniently located along Albany highway near to Toto and is pretty much a nearby neighbour of Utopia BBT.


We started our morning pretty late at about 10 but that is pretty early considering that I sleep about 3-5am everyday.  I guess this is the Asian thing huh?  Wonder how I will cope with my lifestyle once I graduate! The Imp was pretty crowded possibly a mix of old customers and new ones driven by hype and curiosity!  On the menu, the Imp has all the usual suspects but my exploit this morning would be the big brekkie.  At least I know it is something that will last through dinner :D!

I decided to give a miss on the drinks but sister had to have her daily dose of caffeine which I have to insist came out very very tempting!


With a froth of layer to die for, I would have loved this to be a hot chocolate!   But alas, it is still coffee, my arch nemesis.  My sister says that the barista is from one of the cafes she frequents in city!   On the taste, well I did not take a sip so I’m pretty much clueless!


Pretty much all of us had the big breakfast except YH and Kelvin!


Poached eggs on sourdough toast for the first course? :)!  While we had 6 poached eggs on the table, darling was a little let down by the fact that hers was cook through.  No more liquidy yolk!!!  EMOOOOOO!!  Fortunately mine was every bit as runny as it should be! 



Bacons! What would you do without these??  It is even a complete breakfast meal without these?  Most would say no but I would beg to differ!  Nevertheless, crunchy bits of salty goodness are outmost welcomed in my tummy!! I mean, who would every say no?



And for the final course on the plate, we see the Imp’s hash browns, roasted tomatoes, chipolatas and homemade beans.  While the sausages were mediocre at best, the hash browns and full flavoured tomato was something to die for!@!@#!  I liked the hash browns as they very unique and pretty different in every way!  The tomatoes were good, very juicy and everything a good tomato should be.  Had plenty which still felt raw inside, while this was juicy throughout!  The homemade beans, felt undercooked but the sauce which tended to be a little spicy was really good.  Or at least I thought so :)! 

Nevertheless, seeing the uninspiring chipolatas was a let down.  I mean seriously?  =X!  I feel that the big breakfast all over Perth, especially top rated ones fail to amuse in this department!@#!@#  I hate all, I MEAN pretty much all the sausages I have eaten so far. 2 words to describe them - “uninspiringly boring”.


Next comes what I dare say, the winner!  This was YH’s open BLT!  So what makes this the winner? Well, first you do not see any bread.  And then the plating is on a plank of wood. Mmmm awesome aye?  Hehe ok, I’ll stop cocking for a moment.  But really, generous lashings of balsamic with crispy-wafer thin bacon streaks and a runny poached egg was just too hard to ignore.  It was so, so, so good!  Shaved cheese did add some complexity but wow, the choice of balsamic, it was really good.  So good I must insist.


YH’s open BLT!


Putting the sausages aside, I thoroughly enjoyed the big breakfast although if you were to compare it to the savoury Asian breakfast I had at Gopi the day before, … .  The simplicity or rather complexity taken for granted in Malaysian breakfast food was so satisfying even though the Nasi Lemak rice was not “lemak” enough.  Overall, the morning was all good at the Imp, the pricing was decent, food above average (putting sausages aside)  and wow, the open blt? Desirable!!



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