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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bites: Dim Sum @ Dragon Palace, Northbridge

Dim sum has always been a favourite of mine.  Whether it is an early morning brekkie at 6am or brunch at 11am, its a meal that I look forward too!  Since coming to Perth, I have eaten at pretty much every dim sum restaurant in Northbridge. Most of them had their fair hit and misses which is well, quite understandable.  While most serve the common fare of siew mai and prawn dumplings, as well as squid tentacles, I find that Dragon Palace has a larger assortment of food to offer!  One of my favourites would be the spicy cold chicken!
Spicy and tasty! The chilli oil has that typical ‘numbing effect’ of the Szechuan peppers!

Another favourite which I first had when Nana ordered it for our lunch last year!
Pan-fried XO radish cake! Super yums!!

While the next one is quite a common dumpling, I believe Dragon Palace does it BEST!  Had it at Xin Tian Di (previously Jade), and EWWWWWW the lard was not melted properly.  So instead of a liquid-y/soupy consistency, you had something that felt rather oily and rough, imagine an oily soup that has started to cool.

Steamed Ribs with Cheong Fan!!
Similar to the normal ribs, but this one has rice rolls to soak up all the tasty rib sauce!

Of course Dragon Palace had a lot more dumplings to offer! But with the usual dumplings like Siew Mai and other Prawn dumplings crowding the table, it was not worth taking!  Overall, a meal at Dragon Palace is 5 bucks more than usual, leading the bill to about $22-25 per person.  But it’s good quality food in a fairly upmarket ambience.. although the noisy crowd is something else.. @@!  The service is pretty decent but tend to be rather slow and inattentive during lunch periods.  Filling up teapots can be rather tricky then!  Putting minor flaws aside, Dragon Palace is my pick for nice dim sum!  Although I have to insist that the best squid tentacles come from the Dim Sim Cafe!!


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