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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bites: Thai Corner @ Applecross.

Last Friday,the little darling and I were craving for some good Thai food.  However, we felt like going to a different place, so we ended up at Thai Corner, Applecross. Thinking through the list of places we have seen, Thai Corner always seemed to have a  steady crowd during weekends so what can go wrong isn’t it?  Furthermore, our entrance to the restaurant was graced by all the food awards this place has already won.  Adding it to the dedicated service by the gentle Thai waitresses, and yes, it felt like the little darling and I have landed in Thailand.  How about the food? hmmm…lets go talk a walk through what we ordered


To start of we had our little appetizer ;)


Thai Fishcake @ $6.90


These yummy delights got our nods of approval. This tiny morsel of food came with a delicious sauce with grounded nuts and chopped cucumbers.  A bit of this with a bit of that and I have to say, the fish cakes were almost perfect.  However, I felt that a little more lemongrass would have added the rest of the fragrant that the dish needed!  Not the best but it was the star of our night hehe!



Following our first appetizer, we went on to our next!


The tom yam gung @ $8.90 was lovely!  However, the clear soup seems like it was still lacking something.  Maybe a little more coriander?  I really do not know what went wrong.  It was good but seems lacking when compared to darling’s usual tom yum @ S & T Thai cafe.


Next was my next favourite Tom Kha @ $7.90 which is a definite must for me wherever it is offered!


This creamy delight was sour at the start but as I got used to it, it was actually quite delish.  But yet again it did not feel complete.


As our hopes were running high, we could not wait to see our main.  This was darling’s Pineapple Fried Rice @ 14.90.


Few or more like no places have cooked the Pineapple fried rice successfully.  Thai Corner’s well plated serve of the rice however, is definitely one of the most disappointing fried rice of all ages.  The rice was wet and overly soft.  Sweetness was the only thing clear each time I spooned it into  my mouth.  Darling was utterly disappointed.  She mentioned that the only thing clear was that this is a sweet.  Fair enough, the chef probably poured all the canned pineapple juices in. 0 out of 10.  Oh and added complain for the green peas @@! =X!


Next up was my Pad Thai @ $14.  Similar to the Pineapple fried rice, sweetness was everywhere.  For awhile I was wondering, where is the preserved radish or perhaps the preserved seasonings which would give the Pad Thai its lovely red colour?  A little more oil will definitely be welcomed too! 


No good.


By the end of the meal, we brought home two tubs of food to let the fishman give it a try.  Well,.. erh.. yeah.  Him being almost as particular about food as darling and I, he was not happy too.  Perhaps that explains the long pause in awards won by Thai Corner. @@!   But no worries, our lunch at S & T yesterday made up for our disappointment.  Does anyone else have a good Thai Restaurant to recommend? I look forward to any suggestions!



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