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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bites: Crumpets @ Victoria Park

It’s been a while since I last came here! On my first occasion, it was a sudden wake up call on a rainy Sunday from my housemates, where the wet morning was brighten by the lovely offerings the Crumpet cafe had.  Despite the negative reviews it’s been getting, I went there again to find that what Crumpet does best, it still does!  I went there last Thursday after work for a quick brekkie.  Situated not too faraway from my new place, its really convenient!  However, one down side that seemed to be quite clear was that Crumpet really lacked the flair and ambience of a breakfast cafe.  Sure it did not quite have that John St. cafe feel, which is a lovely cafe with a blue splash of paint situated along a tree-lined street hidden just a few minutes from the beach. Nevertheless, the Crumpet has its own appeal with the indie looking crews which were keen on becoming trend setters rather than followers among themselves. 


Multi functional tool?  A ladder that is both useable and decorative. 


But with our hungry tummies sounding like V8s in little Toyotas, decoration matter little now.  SHOW US THE FOOOOOOOOOOD!!


We started off with a serve of crumpets with honey and butter for $4.50.  The crumpets were not your typical supermarket ones with a fishing net design on its top.  These had a slightly crispy crust and they were delicious!  These lovely delights came piping hot which to me, is just perfect for putting that slab of butter in before putting the honey inside it!  I would have to say that this is one of the best way of starting a savoury breakfast! Fill your nostrils with that melting butter aroma and let the honey make your fingers dirty!! Yums!!


Soon after the crumpets, two cups of freshly squeezed orange mixed with mandarins @ $6ea were ordered to quench our thirst!


The drinks were originally meant to be pure mandarins but we had to make do with a orange and mandarin mix as they were a little short in supply!!  the drinks came out beautifully despite being mixed and was quite nice as it was a little less sour compared to the other freshly squeezed orange juice I have had. The thought of sweet mandarin juices had me reminiscing juice moments in Thailand two years ago!!  YOBI if you are seeing this lets go Bangkok!


The big brekkie with poached eggs and at the bottom, the big brekkie with scrambled eggs! Both were the same price @ $19.  If you are a fan of good beans, I have to say both serves of beans were good in a yummy tomato paste!  The mushrooms were juicy and the bacon were a decent mix of crispy and soft.   Overall, a deserving breakfast for the hardworking crew!  However, proudly enough, I can make better scrambled eggs that Crumpets can!… AND that is according to my housemates who have tried eggs at Toast, Imp, John Street Cafe and every where else.  I guess I am starting to get a hang of it!


Sausages were meh!!! Luckily some rescue came with the bite sized hash browns which were really easy to eat.  In fact too easy that it felt too little!  In the middle of the hash brown is a yellow stain which I was thinking could be mustard but swallowed it too fast to decide.  But it adds a good flavour I must say! Yums!


And for the YiHeng a.k.a fishman, he ordered the toastie @ $9!  The toastie had bacons and egg between crispy toast finished with some aioli and relish!  YiHeng’s verdict? Nice and really filling but from my point of view, the Imp still rules when it comes to plating,and taste of its bacon toastie.


Fishman’s toastie brekkie!  Looks  a bit too plain for my liking! Compare it to the one at Imp here.

Nevertheless, the toastie did not let Crumpet down.  I find Crumpet to be able to give me more than Imp did.  The beautiful Crumpet start was gorgeous.  Any sweet tooth will not be able to resist its temptation.  The big brekkie, is not quite the best although I did enjoy the hash browns and baked beans.  Mushrooms were ample but not quite as good as the ones at John Street Cafe.. and not to mention, they serve the best and most original hash browns too!  Furthermore, the ambience is something that might put a few off, if it is more than breakfast that they seek! And lastly, something I was not too keen on was the longer than expected waiting time at Crumpet.  The crumpets came out super quick, but the rest were just too slow.  I would probably accept that the juice were super slow because the mandarins were pesky to work with, but otherwise it is not decent!  Nevertheless, I still find Crumpet very appealing to me and would go there for breakfast if I am not willing to travel to Cottesloe!  Unless, there is a better substitute..hmm.. is there?



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