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Thursday, May 9, 2013

HK Bites: Mak’s Noodles @ Central, HK

If you look around the internet, there is no doubt that wantons are easily one of the most popular things to try in Hong Kong besides yum cha and roast meats.  So where do you find the best bowl of noodles?  Well, I have been to a few place but none gets more rave reviews than Mak’s Noodles.  Located just opposite Tsim Sai Kee (TSK)which also provide similar offerings, Mak’s Noodles and TSK are fierce competitors which are dividing the locals.  Ok maybe not all the locals as most prefer TSK for its good bang per buck ratio.  But how can I say that I have traveled to Hong Kong without eating the most raved about noodle shop?

The prawn wanton noodles $30 HKD.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANeedless to say, when the noodles came in a bowl no bigger than a small soup bowl I was shocked.  It was really tiny!  But where substance was concerned, the springy noodles cooked just right were an absolute joy to slurp.  The broth used was rich and tasty.  Chopped scallions too, gave the noodles a great fragrant!    My favourite part of the noodles were undoubtedly the wantons.  The prawns were fresh and bursty just the way it should be!  Perhaps that was why the place is always packed.  But if you had asked me whether I was mind blown by the overall dish, I would say not really.  Great eat but not a mind blowing one.


As the little darling do not like prawns, she ordered Mak’s dry noodles with pork chutney.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANoodles again were cooked spot on without question.  I had a little of the chutney and found it very flavorful.  It had a few spices which elevated its taste but what let me down was the meat itself.  I was expecting something a little more melt in your mouth but the meat was just lean right through.  The little darling enjoyed this!


The meal at Mak’s was no less impressive as the debate it causes among the online community.  It was cooked well, the noodles really nice with a really nice bounce as you clip it with your chopsticks and wave away the heat.  The prawn wantons were faultless and broth really tasty.  Conversely, would this little charm be many times better than its across-the-road rival TSK? I would say not.  How about the ones I have in the most random places in Hong Kong?  I reckon if I had given Mak’s a full 30/30, TSK runs in close at 28 and most that I have eaten would be a 24 easy.  So would I come back?  Definitely yes!  In a rush?  No.