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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bites: Red Opium @ Perth (revisited)

Red Opium became our host 2 weeks ago for XL’s birthday.  Draped in dark red light, the venue is mysterious as it was seductive.  While my friends were talking about the pretty waitress, the owner Penny who remembers me as “the blogger” she did not hesitate to recommend me a few of their new creations.  Needless to say, I loved most of it.  But old staples became habit as I ordered several of my top favorites from Red Opium’s banquet.

See my first trip to Red Opium here :

WenY Wonders Why : Red Opium

To start the meal, I ordered meatballs.  But not just any meatballs.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe finely diced meatball was all rave in my mouth.  But the little surprise was the finely diced “laksa leaf” or “bunga kantan” which gives it a lovely fragrant.  To finish, a delicious Panang curry.  Yummy!


Next up were the son-in-law eggs.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile the savory-sweet sauce caught our taste buds, it was the perfectly cooked moist yolk that made us happy.  This was easily XL’s favourite.  Even fishman and Yv thought it tasted fantastic.  The marvels of basic things!


An unusual sighting at a Thai restaurant is ceviche.  But Red Opium is not shy to try.  it was a new dish recommended and I have to say that I really liked the thick slices of salmon cut.  All the crispy red onion diced with shallot, coriander and chili made it really nice too.  To bring it all together was a delicious vinaigrette!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARed Opium’s Ceviche of Salmon!


As we were seated in what was probably the darkest corner, some of my pictures for the mains did not come out nicely.  Or maybe I was just too hungry haha.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYv’s favourite for the night was the duck curry.  I once commented that it lacked sauce and clearly it did not go unnoticed.  Here, the sauce was plentiful.  Just the way I liked my curries to be.  Duck meat was roasted spot on and was still tender.  So nice it was!  But where tenderness was concerned, the perfectly cooked beef Masaman was also a table favourite with fishman calling it the dish of the day.  Now, if only the potatoes had another 15 minutes or so, it would have been soft through.   On the other hand, the deconstructed green curry was not so popular around the table.  Its curry was flawless but something about the fish did not quite appeal @@! 


A final photo for the night for XL’s  birthday.  Great fun!  But we clearly ate too much @@!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Red Opium was a great host that night.   The food was good and it was not priced to kill.  With 8 mains, 6 appetizers, 7 soups and rice, the bill cost around 40pp with the entertainment card shaving a couple of bucks off the bill.  Even without, it would still be less than $50pp.  It was really filling and everyone enjoyed it.  Owner Penny was her usual friendly stuff and had a good laugh at my very un-Thai Thai friend who does not do spicy or seafood. Good stuff ;)!



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