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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weekend Brunch: Tiamo Cafe

Rwarr! Just woke up from my afternoon nap! SO tired! I slept for 4 hours the night before and last night I had about 7 hours of sleep. I feel that I need to have breakfast every morning if not my stomach will not feel well and that wakes me up before 9 almost everyday!! Last night we went to Burswood Casino where Liz and Pauline lost 20 bucks each. Fishman lost 10. High roller we’re not! All I gambled was a dollar ehehe. I also had a family dinner last night at my Tai Pak’s house. The gathering was pretty large with relatives from Sydney and Singapore here to visit us.


This morning after my breakfast of noodles and egg, my sister dropped by my house at about 10 with Bibi. The so very naughty dog. Still so white, long and playful ahah. She had just visited my aunty from Sydney that was living with my other aunt in Mosman Park. When she reached she was happily running around the house she lived in when my sister left her with us earlier this year for a week or two before heading to Bangkok. She woke Polly and fishman up. Kelvin join the awakened after awhile. When everyone woke up we headed just outside the house for lunch at Tiamo:



Pauline and my Sister!






WenY and Fishman



Kelvin and Polly both ordered  Foccacia with Chicken Strips:


Polly complained tat there was too much bread for its own good. Kelvin seemed fine although he added heaps of aoli to the thing.


Sister’s Penne Mafiosa done with Spaghetti instead!


Looks delicious as usual but unfortunately this time around, it was not salty enough.


This was Yi Heng’s Carbonara!


Should be good. Everyone that has eaten this found it well suited to their taste buds.


And lastly, my BLT with chips! It was yummy, filled with plenty of bacon and tomatoes along with lettuce. Its a healthy option for a carnivore like me who would not have the salad if it came as a side with the sandwich. The bread was thin but because I had breakfast earlier, I was still too full!


Before we had our meals, we made up our minds to have ice choc and sort for dessert. But once we were done with the food. Ours plans were demolished because we were too full to fit anything else in! Been here twice this week. The food is pretty good here although the pasta can sometimes be too soft.


Tonight tonight hmmm what’s happening tonight? Dung knowwwww! TERMINATORRRRRRR



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