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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bites: Bonsai @ Roe St., Northbridge.

I have been a bit too caught up with work recently, thanks to the symposium which went pretty well for all of us.  3 days I did not log on to msn, and 200 emails left undeleted or unread.  After that there was finally a spring feast  event which did not result in a fiasco this time around.  Darling and I made 330 bucks from selling fishballs.  A pretty impressive amount for 6 hours of work I’d suppose?


But that is enough of ranting, this is an extension review as a foodie to my recent visit to Bonsai @ Roe st. in Northbridge.  This time it was my cousin’s birthday and he was treating us to a 9 course meal.  Sounds awesome huh?  It actually is ahah but the 9 course is not as grand as it sounds.  However it gave us a rare chance to try the best that Bonsai had to offer.  True enough, out of the 8 appetizer that came out, 8 were brilliant.  But I particularly thought the vegetarian roll was a bit of a scam ahaha.  I did not get to take many pictures because I did not bring my camera and yeah, duh!  Iphone quality is shitty as usual.  So these are the rare few ones that were worthy I guess? aaha

Back Camera

My main was the pork chop cutlet which for me did not taste Japanese, but more like mom’s cooking.  Nice piece of meat despite the small serving.   But that was ok, the appetizers had me filled the brim!  Next was something my cousin said he has every SINGLE time he goes to Bonsai.  This was one slab of monster really.


Back Camera

This was the chocolate indulgence dessert which added to my weight -loss fail toll.  This slab of dreamy chocolate slice brought my meal count to 10 course.  The super indulgent chocolate mousse layer was deliciously smooth.  The macaroons were sweet as hell.  But it was a good start which made the chocolate cake a whole lot more rich in chocolate flavour.  Brilliant piece of dessert.  BUT it is impossible to finish this slice of monstrosity alone.  My cousin saw me struggling and told me that water would help.   At least he acknowledged that I was dying on the dessert ahaha.   And is it just me or when I eat a super smooth and creamy desert, I feel really dreamy and slow =X?  OMG.


My Bonsai experience is very good.  The salads there are the most dope shit ever since  Thai meat salads.  Full of  fresh and crisp greens mixed with a Japanese chemistry of sauces before it is finished by chunky pieces of Karaage.  The grilled asparagus rolled meat stick were unique delights.  Good stuff for a price I would not mind paying.


Last but not the least, this restaurant casts curiosity to patrons looking to see Bonsai plants but see none.  It is however on your plate.  Judging by the appearance of the dishes.  It took a fair bit of time to garnish, and be manicured to serve visual pleasure along with unique taste.  Visual pleasure as a consequence of time and effort are just my thoughts that it is relative to the art of Bonsai ahah.  But then again I believe its true. So yeah :P!


Time to finish the last parts of the thesis.  Its a countdown to massive freedom.



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