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Friday, October 29, 2010

Bites: The Shed @ Northbridge.

I have abandoned my blog for ages now. For this, I would need thank the ongoing thesis which drove every single final year student nuts.  Luckily we are almost at the end now.  Today was the last day of the semester.  While it might seems like every other “last day” of the semester, this one was different.  Almost all my guys friend will not return to university anymore.  They will be busy chasing their dreams and all Winking smile!  Good luck to them all!  To keep a few memories of the times we have gone through together as buddies, we took a few pictures before hitting the Shed for some dinner!!  The pictures are still with the guys.  I’ll post them up once I get them hohoho!

Now about the eating part Smile with tongue out!  I’ve been to the Shed plenty of times already.  Before Yobi left for home, I brought him here.  Vil, Cr and I came here for dinner last summer as well.  And here we are again. All for the sole purpose of eating the yummylicious ribs! :P
photo (13)

Pork Ribs with Jack Daniels sauce for 15 bucks.  Pretty much the tastiest ribs around for that price.  Tony Romas would rob you for at least 35 bucks for the sampler Sad smile!  However, the ribs today was disappointing.  IT did not have enough sauce and MEAT.  Most of the days, the cooks at Shed would give you three lovely pieces of ribs, but today, only 2 :(! BOO!  Nonetheless, it still tasted good. 

However, not all were keen to have the ribs.  Xin Ling for example, opted for the Chicken Parmagiana.  She is not a fan of meat on bone ahah.
photo (12)

This was her Chicken Parma!  I think Jimmy had the same as well!  It looked really delicious.  Not sure about the taste though.  I had  a bit of Xin Ling’s and I thought it tasted yummy!  The batter was thin and sufficient.  I really dislike the one in the uni cafe which has like a 10 inch thick batter :(!!

The guys also ordered beer! Rwarrr! Not like I had any, not a fan of beer ahah.

OMG, this blog entry is so dry.  Maybe because I’m brain dead.  Thanks thesis.


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