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Monday, November 8, 2010

Bites: Bateman Chinese Malaysian Cuisine @ Bateman

Since coming to Australia, the only fish dishes I have eaten is fish and chips or fish balls.  Sometimes “Ikan Bakar” when we go to the Malaysian hawker.  But yesterday, I rekindled a familiar taste that I had 4 years ago when I came to Perth.  My sister brought Yi Heng (a.k.a fish man) and I to Bateman for some yummy-licious fish head noodle-soup.  This time around, I went to the same place, but with Cr and fish man.  Our tummies were rumbling from all the “computer exercise” we have been doing after the hardcore Environmental Geology and Geomechanics exams!

Bateman Chinese Malaysian Cuisine was seriously crowded when we got there at about 8.  I saw Kong’s Oriental Shop owner eating there with his family.  Both his wife and him gave me a smile. (I guess I am remembered?)  The hype about this place is the fried fish head that is served with the noodles that comes in either curry or preserved vegetable soup.  These yummy fried fishes were so crispy that I had no problem eating it like potato chips dipping them in cut chilli soy sauce!!!  No foul stench or anything.  I think they used snapper head, which I am fine with.  Ok I’m too sleepy to type too much.  I am actually next to the little darling in the wee hours of the morning to see her do the same revision for the zillionth time.  SO here comes the pictures:
Oh yeah! Super crisp and tasty fish head.  This was 1 serve which is pretty damn big.  And for this, fish man chose to go with a curry base noodle soup!

This was the noodles that CR had.  It had plenty of fish balls and sliced chicken.  A plus point about this was the ridiculous amount you get for your buck.  It was So goddamn big!  Fish man’s bowl of noodles looked similar but there was not any fish balls but 4 massive chunks of fish head which I happily stole Open-mouthed smile!

Also, as we were starving and as part of CR’s recommendation, we ordered the Chilli and Black Bean Pork Ribs.  I must insist, this was the best dish of the night.  I totally enjoyed the thick and delicious bean sauce that coated the ribs!
Super delicious!

Besides the food in the pics, I also ordered a Hokkien Noodles that came in a serving which could easily serve 3 people. =X!  Fish man, Cr and I were so full.  I did not even feel like walking back to the car. Rolling back seemed like a method better suited to my mood after the meal.  Super lazy!!  At the end of the meal, we were satisfied.  All the wait for the food and poor service was worth it.   The fish head was lovely, the pork ribs legendary but the Hokkien Noodles was mediocre!! I’m starting to think that maybe I should ditch Northbridge for awhile now.  Time to go far away and do not come back until I really miss the restaurants in that place!!

Oh yeah,this is the very first time I’m using my camera after a few months of inactivity.  Recently all my pictures were taken using the Iphone. 


TO finish up, I’ve finished the engineering component of my course and all that is left is the commerce part.  My time as a student is almost up.  But to all the mates that have finished their degree, kudos and all the best!


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