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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bites: Atomic @ Mends Street, South Perth.

It has been ages, since I last had a cuppa.  The usual places would be Tiamo @ Nedlands or Dome  @ anywhere.  Or perhaps, after dinner over coffee talk.  Just yesterday, the little darling and I decided to head over to South Perth for a drink before coming back home.  Dome would have been an automated choice, but something different would be good aye?  Yea? Yea?  Haha!!  But this time around, we decided to go to Atomic Cafe @ Mends street.  It is just opposite Dome.  The drinks there tasted OK.  Xin Ling had an orange juice.  Sugar free, 100% orange.  This and that but jeez.  It was sour.  Upon tasting it my hair spiked & balls dropped.  But it is ok, girls have their reasons for enjoying the acidity I’d reckon?

But for me, I will do it the kids way..


Iced Chocolate @ Atomic. Made by IPhone, Nursed by Instagram.


With the mercury topping temperatures this spring paired with a century-long heat record broken, this remedy was divine.  But sadly, I’m not Aussie enough to appreciate the finesse in a barrister’s effort.  Froth.  I enjoy a thick layer of froth though :D!  Does that count?



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