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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bites: Deevine @ Victoria Park.

The peeps are still very busy with their exams.  Xin Ling is still on her 3 till 4 routine every night.  The guys, still busy, but that has not dampen their spirits for Starcraft.  Never a day without their daily dose of computer games haha.  I on the other hand, have finished the new Call of Duty: Black Ops game :D!  After finishing the game, I headed over to my sister’s house.  Could not decide where to go for dinner.  Therefore, instead of going to the same place all the time, I suggested that we try somewhere new.  A restaurant from the Entertainment book.  We ended up choosing a place called Deevine Cafe near the Ford Dealer on Albany Highway.  The place was simple in decoration.  Very neat, with a simple outcome and a clean feel to it.  But that did not matter to me.  My brains were not functioning.  Felt as if everything were moving too slow.  Must have been the hardcore speed of the games I have played!!  After flipping through the pages front and back, analysing top to bottom, I went for the Crumbled Veal with Aglio Olio pasta and creamy prawns. (Sorry for the picture, they are IPhone material!)

My dinner for the night.  Loved the crumbled veal, hated the Aglio Olio.  It was super dry to begin with.  The Aglio Olio was cooked with sausages and finely cut chilli, but it did not feel so.  It felt as though the taste was separated into many different parts.  Chilli.  Sausages.  And no Aglio Olio.  No garlicky taste or oil coating.  Totally dry!! :( !!  That is really saddening!  Nonetheless, the slices of crumbled veal was lovely.  Thin, and yummy.  The creamy garlic sauce from the prawns was super delicious too!  I would recommend this dish if the pasta was not so dry.  And mind you, this pasta is half of what the plate is.  If it is not even half edible, then its a situation!! :P!!

My sister on the other hand, opted for the scotch fillet on a bed of mash!
A slab of hearty steak.   The way my sister like it is Medium Rare.  She has increased her tolerance towards raw meat I guess @.@!  My preference is still medium ahaha.  I tried a slice of her steak and thought that it was like all other steak.  Not the best neither is it the worst but there was nothing to shout about.  It was a slice of steak well cooked.  If the sauce had more taste, it would be lovely!  Kevin had the Penne Bolognaise and he said it was OK only ahah.  Oh and the most epic thing was the appetizer, which was the garlic bread.
The garlic bread was so god damn freaking FLAT… and HARD.  Edible but should have been LOADS better.  I honestly thing someone accidentally flattened the sandwich maker or something. FAIL. 

By the way, notice the issue with the picture?   That’s the problem I have with the IPhone at the moment. The middle turns out blue-ish while the sides are just covered with warmth.  WTH is happening?!!!

This will be all for now.  Looking forward to the Albany trip in a weeks time :)!


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