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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bites: Red Herring @ Fremantle

Two weeks ago, I attended a wedding of a friend who was fortunate to have found  a suitable person to share his life with.  To celebrate this once in a life time occasion I was told that no expenses were spared and boy I think the groom was right.  The venue was a beautiful riverside restaurant called the Red Herring in Fremantle.  Although this seems rather clichĂ© with heaps of other places like Mosmans, Matilda Bay, and Zafferano’s around, I am still impressed :)!


After the formal ceremony where the couple exchanged their vows, we were treated to a 3-course meal.

photo (5)

Our appetizer was shredded duck in egg parcels which was pretty damn yums! The fillings felt somewhat inspired by a typical Sang Choi Bow but a little bit more refined.   The greens were complemented the overall dish well too.


For my main I had the seared lamb fillet with fluffy mash, and root vegetables.

photo (1)

I could not be happier with what was served to me.  Despite the inconsistency in the lamb around the table, mine was spot on.  The pink in the middle was very good.  Perhaps a little more resting time would have been great but a good piece of tender lamb.  Seeing the beetroots had me feeling nostalgic reminding me of my 2nd anniversary at Amuse where the little darling and I were served lamb with beetroot.  I never liked beetroot but that earth taste of the vegetable really complements the lamb well when served in correct proportions.   This dish was definitely a highlight for me! Full points :)! Not sure how other would feel because as mentioned earlier, some lamb fillets were served well-done despite being asked to serve medium.


A cheesecake dessert was the sweet ending for the day.  Unfortunately though, it shot wide.  Presentation was one of its weakest points.  The cheesecake served to me felt like it was falling apart.  The sides were very messily cut.  I guess no amount of hot water can keep the knife warm in such events.  Luckily, the flavors were really good except for those black espresso jelly which was so bitter it was beyond belief.  But for coffee lovers , this might nice because the bitterness do tend to cut through the sweetness of the (4)

Overall, it was a pleasant meal that I had that afternoon.  Other than the gloom from the overcast, the ceremony turned out beautifully.  The Red Herring provided the guests with a solid meal that was both delicious and special.  For myself, I was impressed for most parts of it, except the dessert.  Definitely have room for improvement and perhaps with smaller volumes, heightened finesse in the presentation.  At the end of it all, my wishes are for the bridge and groom, live happily ever after and love each other.  Last but not the least, they say a man without a woman is nothing.  So is human without food! nom nom nom nom!



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