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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bites: Superstar Waffles

Hidden unsuspectingly in a quiet lane is a little dessert place called Superstar Waffles.  Without a doubt, the name gives it all away.  However though, the claim of title Superstar makes me go WHATTTTT?  Anyways, having had dinner at Hawkers last Saturday, my homies and I decided to make a trip to Superstar Waffles since it was really nearby.  For those who find it hard to find, Superstar Waffles is located along the Arcade behind KThreeG/Kakulas Bros Shop.






Claim to fame?


Entering the premises, we wondered why was not there the usual buttermilk aroma which is typically present in most waffle shops. To be exact, the “Gelare” aroma.  Despite that, we were in no way demotivated to order.  Among ourselves we called 4 waffles to share.  Here is what we ordered and what WenY thinks!



First in was the Sweet Milk waffle and this surely was one of the best Superstar combination. Drenched in a condensed milk X butter sauce, there is nothing more Asian than this classic finish.  It was good! The delicious waffles absorbed the sauce giving it a pleasant moisture with a very tantalizing butter aroma.  One thing I liked about the waffle here is that the outer bit is a little crispy with a soft inside.  Whenever I do a trip to Gelare, it always feels crunchy through.  More like a biscuit. For me, this consistency is pretty spot-on!



My pick for the night was the peanut butter mousse and Oreo waffle.  I really like what I had there.  The peanut butter mousse was light, airy and not sickening.  For me, it was perhaps a little less rich than I would like it to be.  Furthermore, only half the waffle had peanut butter.  Next time, it will be peanut butter over the whole waffle! hohoho!  And I felt like the Oreo felt more of a textural component but felt somewhat lackluster! Next time, peanut butter ftw!



Darling decided to go berrylicious with a waffle paired with berry compote, crispy oats and double dose of vanilla ice cream.  This one might be for those who seek a more balanced flavor. For me, the berry compote felt a little to acidic but when mixed, you get the aromatic waffle to blend in with the sweet vanilla flavor and a good compote to wrap it all together.  Pretty good in that manner.  Oats the little darling did not feed me so I had not idea how it tasted.  But if crispy, it adds that little sugary crunch that would be welcomed!


Overall, Superstar Waffles lived up to its hype.  I liked its décor, very nicely done in a way where one feels homely.   Its waffles lacked in the “Gelare Aroma” but never failed to give that delicious texture I look for in my waffles.  But not everything is so green at Superstar Waffles. The downside was picked up by my whipped cream expert who found that the cream was perhaps a little overwhipped.  It was missing the light consistency along with a more milky taste.  We found the cream slightly stickier than usual.  Nonetheless, I who love my peanut butter would not bother with the cream in anyway.  But those who like their waffle with cream and syrup might say otherwise!  Notwithstanding the high and lows of my night, I would definitely welcome this little café to join the ever improving food culture in Perth! :D!



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