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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bites:Myoung Ga @ Perth

With two siblings working in the city, there are those occasional sibling lunches which happens once awhile.  Unfortunately for me, I am located in Northbridge while sis has the luxury of working in the city where the food places are :(!  Fortunately though, she makes good friends and has one in the heart of the city at Myoung Ga.  For lunch two weeks ago, we had Korean Bibimbap at Myoung Ga, a family owned restaurant in the heart of the city!  Service here is impeccable with the shop being fronted by the an uncle who is the owner himself!  As we entered we were greeted by a cheerful uncle who seems to know my sister well!  We were seated and served within a very short time.


For my lunch, I had the beef Bibimbap1.5 serve! I was starving and yes they do larger serves! The combination felt simple but in many ways, flawless.  This was definitely one of those moments where simple is actually more! The mushroom, bean sprouts, carrots and some other condiments did not seems to hard to do at home, but wow! The flavors here worked its magic in my mouth!   The mixing sauce was generously provided as well! So no dry rice but something really nice!  For those who crave delicious Bibimbap, do not overlook this humble eatery near Croissant Express!  Sometimes, I really wonder why do people even queue for Croissant Express!! @@!



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