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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hangin Out: Caesar’s Pizza @ Leederville.

I believe you’ve heard of Caesar’s Pizza tones of times if you’re from Perth.  The only thing wrong about the heading is that Leederville is only 5 minutes from Perth instead of the 45 minutes Mundaring.  But hell yea people, my protest about ridiculous distance have finally been heard!!!… and answered!! Caesar’s Pizza one of the most famous Pizzerias has opened a branch in Leederville just located a few shops from the Green & Co!! Without much hesitation Yobi and I decided to give it a try.  

Bragging rights clearly framed on its bright red walls.  I was expecting an old skool pizza place but they had a different approach to this one it seems.  A more up market modern look to captivate the younger generation it seems.  But the old man and his mates were attracted too! ahah. Fakkkkkk, what’s with “seems” and me today! Dammit!

Yobi and I ordered a Pizza called Jane’s Addiction.
Loved: The crispy proscuitto, tasty garlic cream sauce, & yummy prawns.
Dislike:  Typical dry Italian crust.

Nonetheless the edges which were dry really isn’t a bother.  It was just a waste.  Maybe next time they should have the option where diners are allowed have toppings all the way to the edge!  After that we waited for our dessert pizza which took ages to come.   Look around, and realise the place was a chick magnet.  Plenty of em there! And oh I met a uni friend there too.  Didn’t get to chat too much though ahah. 

Severe sugar overload.  Felt like dying after I had three slices of this pizza.  Total killa!

So was this place worth all the hype?  Well, overall I found this place to be quite a nice eat.  Quite rash to judge them so as I’ve only eaten here once.  HOWEVER, if this were to be in Mundaring, I wouldn’t be too pleased then ahah.  Also I’ve seen reviews online claiming that the waitresses weren’t too friendly and I HEREBY refute all those statements.  I mean really, which waitress would so happily refill you water without even having to ask AND which pizza place would actually change your plates when you’re moving from your main to your dessert? NONE for sure.  Loved the service!  Or maybe it was just today. ahaha

While waiting for the bus!


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