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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sister’s Birthday!: Spaghi’s @ South Perth

Yesterday night I celebrated my sister’s birthday with Jim, Feng and Vil.  She’s so lucky to have 4 capable engineers with her that night.  But on our side, she gave us the honour to celebrate it with her ahah.  Felt funny xD! Four of my buddies hanging out with my sister, but truth to be said she knows them very well since we normally have dinner together on Fridays, Saturdays and whichever days that are suitable!! And really, with her getting younger each year, there really isn’t any evident age gap between us. 

Jim and I met up in the city before pickin up some icy cool drinks.  I had a Strawberry Daiquiri mocktail from Boost juice while Jim got some BBT from Utopia.  Definitely a must have on a scorching summer’s day!  We then headed down to the pier near the Esplanade to catch a ferry across the river to South Perth.

Delicacies hmm WenY Wonders..

We were the first to reach the restaurant, but of course with the requirement of having all guests present before being seated we were pretty much left stranded on the other side of Perth @@!  Not much of a problem, Jim and I just chatted the 20 minutes advantage we scored against them for being early.  Feng was next, while sista and Vil pretty much got there the same time!  When we went in the restaurant, we were greeted in a respected manner which is quite different from what I’ve heard from the internet which claims that the lady boss is unfriendly.  Really decent if you’d ask me.  But then again I mean coming from Italy if they were a bit showy I guess I can’t blame them.  The green-white-red flag nation hosts the origins of great designer stuff, automobiles and super chic models ahah.  Their daughter was uh-ohhhh! Chick material!  But Feng thought she looked weird ahah.

5 of us shared an appetizer called Pizza Bianca, something that definitely doesn’t fit into your typical everyday pizza description;
I lol’ed even though I expected it to look like that ahah.

My sister’s pasta:
A super strong resemblance to the clam filled spicy pasta @ Zanmai but this one was different.  Generous on clams this dish actually looks good. Didn’t really ask my sister how was it @@!

Hard to make out what his dish actually is.  But its actually sunflower shaped pasta filled with bacon, bla bla bla! Had quite a lot of things in it.  Asparagus was also used.  Hmm now that I think of it, I really didn’t ask the peeps how the meal was today omg @@!

Crumbled Veal with roasted vegetable and savour rice or was it saffron hmmm?

Shao Feng and I ordered the same thing;
Pollo Alla Griglia (half chicken marinated and charcoal grilled)

On mine, I think the chicken was pretty good and I really like the roasted vegetables and the rice.  But the chicken needs more marinade.  The breast meat is totally bleakkkk! OK only. Could have been better ahha.  But one thing is for sure, their half a chicken is really large than a normal half a chicken.  Generous serving!

And ok since most people say my blog is mainly dominated by food pics I’ll get some human pictures up too! :P
Vil & Feng

Sista & Jim!

The End!

P/S: Sherlock Holmes is omg, not as good as I expected it to be!


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