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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bites: Ipoh Garden @ Applecross

A slow day it was today. I woke up around 9 and started rolling on my bed until I could no longer take it and had to wake up! I really admire people who can sleep till half the day is gone ahah. I remember doing so only when I was so drained after scouts recruit camp almost a couple years back.  When I got up Polly was already up washing previous night’s dessert dishes lol. So nice of her ahah. I had my own brekkie of fried egg on toast while she had cereal. After that I started reading news before studying a little bit.

And then woooohoooo! Kelvin cooked lunch. He made sizzling bean curd which tasted very nice and even better than those we’d find in Chinese Restaurants. Not to mention the one in restaurants are so freaking stingy! They would only give you max 2 tubes of Jap bean curd! Emoo! After that I started to read more Hydraulics which seems pretty easy on the notes but when I peeked at the  questions just now… Jesus! @.@! They even tested AS1170 which concerns wind profiles. Sien.  No wonder Edwin said it is not relevant to our syllabus!

Today I met up with my sister for dinner hehe. Shao Feng, Fishman, Kelvin and I had dinner with her @ Ipoh Garden. I’ve heard so much about this place and I knew I’ve definitely got to try it! This is what we ordered! :

Feng’s Beef Rendang. He said it was ok but he preferred the Nyonya version @ Bibik Chan. This one costs $10!

This was Kelvin’s Ipoh Fried Hor Fun which he said was not salty enough but tasted not too bad. Looks really filling though. The plate was humungous @ $10!

And the picture above me is the fabled Inchikiban chicken which is supposed to be an in-house specialty! It was pretty nice I have to say. Glad I did not have to do the frying. I never liked frying chicken! It is so messy and I often get disappointed when the inside is still raw while the outside looks so overcooked! Also I think I’ve cracked the Ipoh code in the special sauce that came with it! Mustard + BBQ sauce lol. The serving was decent @ $15!

Fishman, my sister and I ordered the Ipoh Hor Fun soup. Which hmm tasted not too bad but when compared to all those that I’ve eaten in KL, lol. Better not compare ahah. It costs $9.90 each bowl.

Lastly are the ice creams we ordered! Durian flavoured ones. It was quite nice but I found the texture not consistent. Shao Feng’s one was somewhat creamier than my sisters :S! These cost 5 bucks a tub!

After that we chit chatted awhile and tadaaaa I stole a few dockets which entitles me to free whopper on each whopper purchase. As well as Big Macs and  1/4 chickens @ Nando’s! Slurpss!! Fat Fat! hehehe!

Also, my friend Jian Hung asked me a little something today and my response came from a song:

“..Me and a couple of old school friends
We're going out to drink
You can come along but leave your girl at home
It'll give you time to think

But you called at the last minute
Said that you were staying in
Well this is not a joke old friend
I'm a-getting sick of this

Oh remember me when she leaves you
And you come and knock on my door
Well I can nurse your broken heart
Cause that's what friends are for..”

                                                                                Remember Me, The Zutons.


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