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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

eatBANGKOK: Delicious River Prawns and Crab Claypots @ Jae Piak, Chinatown

If you leave Nai Mong Hoy Tod with a craving for more seafood, Bangkok has a little place beyond the likes of T&K Seafood in Chinatown for you food lovers.  Andrew Weinns from has again introduced something off the beaten track for the adventurous and those who are not inclined towards the common.  Located a good 15 minutes walk from the Wongwai Yian BTS was Jae Piak (or Aunty Piak) with a concept similar to Somsak Poi Od (recommended by Andrew Weinns) where a single chef cooks up delicious hot pots worth of seafood topped with glass noodles.   The menu here is limited but what it does, it does really well.  Note, Jae Piak only open at night when the leather shop is closed.

The map on how to get there:

Unlike Somsak Poi Od that has its fair of online publicity, Jae Piak is something people might considered a copycat and that made us a little worried especially when prices were not displayed which means lost tourists like us might get ripped off! Fortunately, this was not the case at all.

First dish to come to the table was a Prawn and Glass Noodle dish for 220 Baht (RM24/$AUD9).  
The picture shows 2 big prawns on the side but on the underside is another 2 large prawns.  While it was everything you expected, fresh, juicy and tasty, the highlight for me was the cooking.  Generous amount of little peppercorns, and the chef’s special sauce was somehow made into something phenomenal.  Even Yobi who is not a big fan of glass noodles started to think otherwise.  It was that good.  

Looking at how other tables hungrily devour their crab clay pots had us jump onto the bandwagon and ordered one for ourselves too.  This by memory was 240 Baht (RM26/$AUD 9).  
My presentation sucks but I did not want to destroy the whole plate so I only managed to bring half a shell out from the base :P!  Cooked in a  similar way like the prawns, this is an absolute steal for seafood lovers.  The large meaty claw saw little efforts be rewarded with juicy flesh.  Droolworthy~!  The body parts are a little small but still every bit worth the dollars we paid.  Go anywhere else and be prepared to pay more!

Despite not being able to go to Somsak Poi Od, I cannot help but feel glad to part of an accidental discovery.  A truly special one too.  Maybe if you had come to Jae Paik based on my recommendations you would might not be too chuffed but otherwise, damn it was good.  Many thanks to Yobi who  suggested us to try somewhere different.


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