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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

eatBANGKOK: Sensational Fried Chicken @ Som Tam Nua, Siam Square

Coming to Bangkok as a foreigner no matter how prepared, you might feel that cleanliness can be quite an issue (even if you country is no better). In saying that, I can guarantee you that looks are deceiving.  But if you insist, here is a place for the faint hearted.


Som Tam Nua in Siam Square 5 is a success story of a shop whose humble beginnings involved the mortar and pestle action of making the Thai staple, Som Tam (papaya salad).  Presumably the best eat at Som Tam Nua would be the Som Tam itself right?  Errr?  Yeah?  Ok, maybe but not really.  Your best bet to start the meal with a bang would be the Some Tam Nua’s fried chicken.  For three boys a large serve for 150 Baht (RM18/$AUD6) is just about right if you plan on decent eating rather than being a glutton.
The chicken portions came out piping hot and crisp from top to bottom.  A few bites was enough to to tell me why this chicken is so popular all over the Internet.  Som Tam Nua’s secret lies in its more-ish batter made from flour mixed with blended ginger, chilli, onion and garlic with generous lashings of fish sauce and other spices to reach a point where its balance of flavour was perfect.

Coming in second place at Som Tam Nua is none other than their Som Tam (Papaya Salad).  With a host of varieties including Som Tam with crab, salted eggs and shrimp, we decided to go with the original Som Tam topped with little shrimps.
Crisp and juicy with a refreshing aftertaste, this was the answer to Bangkok's sweltering heat.  Served cold, the acidity of the salad was just spot on.  Its seasoning which mixed sweet, salty, and sour flavours together with a hint of Chilli was just sensational.  Definitely a great bite!  But at 70 Baht (RM8/$AUD3), its serve size was smaller than anticipated.

Another in house specialty is the fried rice flour noodles topped with pork floss and crackling for 110 Baht (RM12/$AUD4.50). 
Deceivingly soft and stodgy, this noodle made our taste buds tingle with excitement. Its sticky, sweet and spicy flavours mixed the pork floss and crispy crackling were quite a joy to eat!  But more surprising was how Som Tam Nua manages to grill lean pork while keeping it so tender!  My suspicion?  Som Tam Nua marinades the pork with young papaya juice which acts as a tenderiser! 

Tender grilled pork 100 Baht (RM11/$AUD4).  Not the tastiest but tender enough to amaze!
Verdict?  Pretty damn good!  The food at Som Tam Nua is what you would expect.  It was not amazingly different but it was definitely a good enough to keep the crowd coming.  Price wise it was a little steep but for most it is a small price to pay for ambience and hygiene.  In saying that, I believe the general public agrees, so prepare to queue up!


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I am no expert in eating but I have no hesitation in claiming Bangkok is easily one of the top cities for eating. In this mini series called eatBANGKOK, I bring you what my homeboys Yobi, ZS and I ate through this bustling city.  Everyone boasts to present the cuisine in this Royal loving city best so the quality of food here can quite easily get diluted.  But are you really eating Bangkok’s best? This is WHAT, WHERE and HOW to eat Bangkok’s  popular and hidden eateries.  Keen on a Bangkok food itinerary?  Look no further.