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Monday, January 26, 2015

eatBANGKOK: Sweet Cravings @ Petite Audrey, Mango Tango & Mr Jones, Siam Central

While I am no sweet tooth, it is finally time to kick back and relax after a fill of savoury courses.  3 places frequently mentioned are Petite Audrey, Mr Jones Orphanage & Mango Tango.  All of which are in Siam Central area.  Here we have the famous trio where the hygiene conscious can get their dose of quality desserts in a clean environment away from the Bangkok heat.

Petite Audrey, Siam Central

From the front, Petite Audrey is a French Cafe serving a mix of Thai and Westerns savoury delights but it also seconds as Bangkok’s most popular Mille Crepe or million layer Crepe place.  Their Thai Milk Tea Crepe is to die for and pictures do not lie.

The thickened Milk Tea sauce at Petite Audrey is simply sensational.  It was fragrant, not too sweet, mildly acidic from the potency of the tea and as a whole complemented the fluffy Crepe.  For 130 Baht (RM14.50/$AUD5.50), it is not exactly cheap but its French chic ambience paired with its crowd winning Thai Milk Tea Crepe makes Petite Audrey a great value hangout.

Mango Tango, Siam Square Soi 3


But if English patisserie is not you cue, head on to Mango Tango in Siam Square Soi 3.  If you have not noticed just yet, the streets of Bangkok is laden with quality mango sticky rice desserts but no one serves a more elaborate mango dessert than Mango Tango.  Housed in a small container off Siam Square Soi 3, this mango inspired dessert house in Siam Square specialises in everything mango.  Here I ordered the Mango Sampler for 165 Baht (RM18/$AUD 7).

Ripe mangoes, stick rice, refreshing mango sorbet and a light mango pudding.   What is there not to like?  I tend to go about having the sticky rice first as it is the heavier meal of the lot.  But considering the small amount of stick rice given, it was not all that bad!  The crispy Mung beans at the top gave the fragrant sticky rice some crunch to go with the mango.  Absolutely delicious.

Mr Jones Orphanage


Last but no least is Mr Jones Orphanage situated in the same building like Petite Audrey.  Its venue is build around a child’s playground concept.  The food is decent, and the price you pay is for the uniqueness of its setting rather than amazing dessert.

The cakes at Mr Jones Orphanage is what you would call acceptable but not truly satisfying.  The cakes were a tad dense and the icing was at best mediocre, but thankfully the tea was fine.

Verdict?  My biggest fancy was most definitely Petite Audrey and Mango Tango. Both venues served desserts that brings the flavours of Thailand to the dessert plate in a different way.  Petite Audrey more contemporary than Mango Tango, but both without a doubt are modern in presentation. So why have one when you can have two!?  The serving sizes as both are a lot smaller than what my pictures suggests. So have two!


About eatBANGKOK

I am no expert in eating but I have no hesitation in claiming Bangkok is easily one of the top cities for eating. In this mini series called eatBANGKOK, I bring you what my homeboys Yobi, ZS and I ate through this bustling city.  Everyone boasts to present the cuisine in this Royal loving city best so the quality of food here can quite easily get diluted.  But are you really eating Bangkok’s best? This is WHAT, WHERE and HOW to eat Bangkok’s  popular and hidden eateries.  Keen on a Bangkok food itinerary?  Look no further.