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Monday, January 19, 2015

eatBANGKOK: A Foodie's Guide to Bangkok Street Food

From the hotdogs stands to Gryo Platters at Halal Bros. in NYC, the spicy Tteobokki in Seoul, and the Smelly Tofu & Curry Fish ball vendors in Hong Kong, street food is an interesting dining scene where spare change can make your buds tingle.  More importantly, street food plays a massive part in encouraging different cultures come together to create an identity of a nation.   In Bangkok though, its all about satisfying local hunger.   This post, I feasted on some of the tastiest street food at the local Wang Lang market, and at food street Soi 38 at Sukhumvit. 

Wang Lang Market
While I gave the floating markets a miss this trip,  I took the opportunity to travel on the Chao Praya river bus to Wang Lang market situated in Thonburi, a place where the population thrives on locals looking for a feast or fresh food to prepare one.


To get to Wang Lang market, take the BTS to Taksin before jumping on the ferry which costs 15 Baht.  The ferry is one of Bangkok’s main mode of transportation and its a breeze to ride with no traffic jams of course!  

I do not blame you if you start your street food trip a little fazed.  The selections are massive and if you have the mentality that the vendors up the front are for tourists, time to get that out.  At Wang Lang, start eating because your stomach needs the time in between to relax!  

Tod Mun Pla (Thai Fishcakes - 20 Baht for 4)
Need I explain this anymore?  This bite size delicacy comes in different odds and sods but its shape matters little when you get that massive spice punch serenading your buds.  To cool, the vendor pour a sweet chilli and cucumber relish.  Slurps~!

Moo Yang (Grilled pork - 40 Baht for 100 grams)
This makes the Texan folk away from home cry.  Surely not the same smoky goodness but who is able to resist the juicy, succulent pork grilled and tossed in that sticky sweet sauce!

The lady at the stall packing larger packets for other customers!

Tub Tim Grob (Rubies and Chestnuts in Coconut Milk - 15 Baht)
Its hot so you need to cool.  Bangkok’s sweltering heat is like that.  When coconut no longer excites you, settle for this icy alternative.  This royal loving vendor at Wang Lang market spares no expense in making this colourful dessert worth you buck.  He puts chestnuts in there like a boss.

Khao Na Bpet  (Roast duck on Rice - 50 Baht)
Ok this is not your typical street food in Bangkok. When all the locals dine there, who are you to question?  Keep calm, just eat.  Tender flavoursome  duck meat was lovely to eat but sauce a tad too sweet.  I prefer the Cantonese version better!

Khanom Buang Maprow/ Khanom Tuntag ( Thai crepes w/ grated coconut and coconut milk - 15 Baht)

Walking back does not mean I was finished.  A sweet ending is a compulsory one.   Crisp at the sides, and fluffy in the middle, this yummy dessert can make every day feel like a Sunday.  Its sweet coconut was lovely and the over all experience reminded me of Apom back home.
These are the ladies working their magic on the wonderful pastries.

Soi 38 Sukhumvit
If you just cannot get enough and need to feed your daily dose of Bangkok street food, another popular places to feast at is Soi 38 at Sukhumvit. This place offers around 30 stalls in the evening serving a mix of delicacies which might not be as impressive as the 100 over eateries scattered across Wang Lang market but there is something here which might just tickle your fancy.


To get here, get on the train to reach Thonglor BTS.  Once you get of the train, you should be able see Soi 38 from the crossover bridge!

Daniel Thaiger - Amazing Pork and Beef Burgers 140 Baht

Halal Boy to New York City is like Daniel Thaiger to Bangkok.  Cultural acceptance.  Just when you thought hordes of people would come to Soi 38 in Sukhumvit for local food, you will see a stream of people queueing up for the infamous Daniel Thaiger burgers.  That evening, we were the first in line and was served by Mrs Thaiger herself.In fluent English, she tells us that her American husband is the brains behind this mobile burger flipping idea.  Opening at 5.30pm, we made sure we came extra early to get ours first.  Surely enough, our safe plan came to fruition because at 5.30pm, there were already 8 orders in the make! 

The Classic Pork with Cheese

Mr Steve. Beef burger with Cheese and Bacon.
Whilst the kids in the region play tricks with bamboo coal buns, Daniel Thaiger decides that Kuro buns are too mainstream and pulls the classic back on track.  A quick wait for the early birds were rewarded with a burger that is worth the effort.  Put together like a piece of art, the composition is simple and it works.  Daniel Thaiger might be small, but it sure gives Shake Shack fans a run for their money!

Pad Krapow Moo (Pork Stir-fry with Holy Basil - 50 Baht)
A favourite back in Australia came less exciting than expected.  But for the unfamiliar, this might be a delicious bite graced with the flavour of the Basil leaf!

Khao Niaow Ma Muang w/ Tua Tong (Sliced mango with coconut stick rice topped with toasted Mung bean - 60 Baht)
Putting the name on the sentence above is like seeing Obama on TV with the close caption saying Obama.  If you need any introduction to this Thai sensation, you must live in a hole #neversaynever.  This was one of the best ones in town according to most.  It sure lives up to its expectation but best is still a claim too farfetched.


About eatBANGKOK
I am no expert in eating but I have no hesitation in claiming Bangkok is easily one of the top cities for eating. In this mini series called eatBANGKOK, I bring you what my homeboys Yobi, ZS and I ate through this bustling city.  Everyone boasts to present the cuisine in this Royal loving city best so the quality of food here can quite easily get diluted.  But are you really eating Bangkok’s best? This is WHAT, WHERE and HOW to eat Bangkok’s  popular and hidden eateries.  Keen on a Bangkok food itinerary?  Look no further.