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Friday, January 30, 2015

eatBANGKOK: Thai-style Barbecue and Suki @ Best Beef

This post really sucks if you are a vegan.  Otherwise, if you have 250 Baht in your pocket and are looking for endless serves of tasty barbecue meat, look no further than Best Beef in Sukhumvit.  This very local Thai barbecue place only costs 220 Baht (RM24/$AUD9) per person for the buffet with the option of adding a boiling pot of Thai Steamboat also known as Suki for 30 Baht per person.  Surely enough, we had the Suki with no regrets!

If all you eat are scallops, lobster and wagyu, you might want to give Best Beef a miss.  The meat here is typical but not boring for sure.  They serve humble cuts of meat like pork belly, pork loin slices, beef tongue, brisket, bacon, and chicken fillet as well as a list of seafood including prawn, squid and fish.  As ordinary as it sounds, Best Beef has to be one of the tastiest barbecues I have had for two reasons.

Firstly, the basic cooking technique works.   The meat here cooks beautifully thanks to the use of a pan laid over flaming charcoal and NOT gas.  Every one knows it is different when you cook food this way.  The flavours are in many ways tastier when it gets the treatment of the red flames!  Also while the Koreans use nothing on their pan, the waitstaff at Best Beef send you little knobs of butter to ensure your meat does not stick to the pan.  I cannot think of a better way to barbecue the meat!

Secondly, the sauces that Best Beef had were phenomenal.  Each person gets three dipping sauces which blends a mix of spices, and herbs with varying levels of heat and flavour.  One was sweeter whilst the other was more sour.  Dipping the barbecued meat in these sauces before dishing it into my mouth with the complementary serves of garlic fried rice was an amazing experience.  

The concept here is so basic yet so exemplary.  It almost reminds me of my first visit to Tong 86 in Perth before its menu became more compelled to conform to what other restaurants were serving.  Good, cheap and honest.  More importantly, delicious! See the map for directions to Best Beef from the On Nut BTS, the nearest BTS to the place.


About eatBANGKOK
I have not travelled to many parts of the world, but Bangkok is easily one of the top cities for eating and in this mini series called eatBANGKOK, I bring you what my homeboys Yobi, ZS and I ate through this bustling city.  Everyone boasts to present the cuisine in this Royal loving city best so the quality of food here can quite easily get diluted.  But are you really eating Bangkok’s best? This is WHAT, WHERE and HOW to eat Bangkok’s  popular and hidden eateries.  Keen on a Bangkok food itinerary?  Look no further.